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  1. [quote user="shiplee15"]NO! The FA is spineless, inconsistent and doesn''t seem to make decisions based on sense but makes them on money. Therefore the chances are they will get a fine which will barely effect them![/quote] The Sports & Culture minister has basically told the FA to get their house in order or he''ll replace the lot of them with people who can govern the sport properly. The FA will look to throw their weight on this one, the timing is awful for QPR.
  2. [quote user="shefcanary"]Perhaps the fact the Tribunal will not report back immediately means it allows them to wait and see how many points clear of the pack we eventually finish, before deducting just enough to ensure we remain champions - wins all round then as long as we don''t get stuffed with a heavy fine - payment in lieu of notice would seem most appropriate seeing as how they appointed a Premiership qualified manager shortly after.[/quote]How would a points deduction be a) relevant or b) consistent with previous cases?  It has never happened before, and would be disproportionate in THIS case.  The rules won''t get changed just because some small time Cockernee WHam fan gets a bit uppity about being outsmarted and realising too late about keeping his mouth shut.
  3. t.[quote user="freddyf105"][quote user="evertoniancolufan"][quote user="Mike Grant"] Spot on Indy... If the idiot Cowling had said we could not approach him then fair enough but he didn''t. But at least our club is keeping quiet and not hurling petty insults. Can''t wait for this to be over as it''s soooooooooo dull   [/quote]Cowling said you could talk to him, but not appoint him until compensation had been agreed, you chose not to talk to him but to just appoint him anyway.[/quote] actually I beleve we talked to him and appointed him after he resigned. Meaning it wasn''t under Cowling''s durisdiction- basically we found a loophole and used it- why should we be punished for that? [/quote]That loophole being that it''s against EU employment law not to accept a resignation.So if any of the ColWho fans, or Colu_mike who is quite clearly either a Ipswich fan or a WUM, want to explain exactly what we have done wrong, like a sensible adult, then go for it. Using statements by YOUR chairman, it appears thus...Tapped PL up - NO.  We were given permission to speak to him.Weren''t allowed to employ him without agreeing compensation - NO.  This became irrelevant when he resigned.Caused your club hardship - NO.  Small crowds have remained constant (except when the champions came to town) and your chairman even said he had got a better manager.The only point open to debate is whether we, by talking to him, or Cowling, through being an unreasonable employer, led PL to resign from his current post.  Additionally, with that, the only possible cause for compensation would be regarding the notice period that PL would have to serve following resignation, and therefore the amount due for not fulfilling that notice period.  The amount for that will therefore be in the finer details of PL''s ColWho contract.
  4. [quote user="morty"][quote user="WeAreYellows49"][quote user="morty"]The long and short of it is, we bent the rules, we all know we did.And its all about just how much savvy MacNally used in doing it as to how much we get away with it.[/quote] We may have bent the rules but did we break them? [;)] [/quote]Honest answer? Yeah I think we probably did. It all depends on how much savvy was used, how much was actually put into writing.If it was all verbal and its our word against Cowlings then nothing conclusive can really be proved either way. And lets remember, unless we are actually proven to have acted improperly then Cowling will get nothing by way of compo.[/quote]Disagree we broke the rules, but agree with your last statement.Cowling originally confirmed he gave us permission to speak to Lambert, but then contradicted himself when he realised he''d shot himself in the foot.  There''s no case to answer there, clearly - it''s on their website.I wouldn''t be at all surprised if he did make all sorts of conditions regarding agreeing compensation before we took Lambert.  This will have been made null and void by Lambert deciding his employer was being unreasonable and tending his resignation.  A perfectly normal thing to do, and again no case for the club to answer.I''m fairly sure (but am more than happy to be corrected by a legal eagle) that Cowling not accepting that resignation is against EU employment rules.  To then turn round and say "Well we''ve got a better manager anyway" can only damage his claim for a large compensation.Put it into a business world point of view.  People are headhunted, then resign and go and work for a bigger employer with greater prospects and a higher wage all the time.
  5. Man United or Chelsea won''t.  Newcastle didn''t.Pitch invasions are for small brained fans of small clubs.And Thorpe Corner retards.
  6. [quote user="ricky knight"]Arganth what the hell are you on about qualify what. Even semi pro players get pxssxed off if their clubs lack  ambition, even right down to sunday football players want to win, letting good players leave does not help and if you dont think players discuss it you have a screw loose. As for the board where are we in the league, how much are we in debt, despite a season in prem, parachute payments, full houses, profit on transfers, we cant afford a centre back we desperately need for a price which is not exactly outrageous. I rest my case. [/quote]No, you can''t qualify it then.  Or aren''t.  That chip REALLY is weighing you down.And, no, you don''t rest your case in the slightest.  You''ve made a mistake there.  And passed up on a good opportunity to prove yourself, your point and your strategy for the future.  Because of this mistake, and countless others in the past, I now accuse you of not having the quality of this board at heart, and that you don''t want the board to raise itself to the quality level of WOTB.  I am therefore of the opinion you should now not be given the opportunity to rectify your errors, should stand down and should let somebody else do the job, as the way things are going this board will be at the standard of Canary Corner.
  7. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"][quote user="Mister Chops"] So let''s get this right. We''re now suggesting we''ll get relegated this season because we didn''t sign Taylor outside the transfer window. You make me despair, you really do.   [/quote] You know exactly what the situation is as regards an extended loan with an agreed fee at the end of it you facetious little chimp. Now how about making a valid point......? [/quote]You also know exactly what the situatiom is as regards to Birmingham not allowing exactly that.  Now how about making a valid point ?
  8. [quote user="ricky knight"]It must effect the players when good players are left to leave without a fight. I agree things have been positive since Glen arrived but this board just wont learn any negativity is down to them and their sad lack of anything amounting to ambition.[/quote]What a stupid post.  Any chance you can qualify any one part of it ?Actually, I''ll do it for you, cos there''s just the two.  "...good players leave..." TRUE.   "...things have been positive since Glen arrived..."  Also TRUE.  The rest ?  The resultant mad ramblings of yet another pathetic so-called supporter who can''t, or (more likely) won''t, remove the chip on his shoulder and see things in a true light, because it goes against their myopic ravings against the board.Cue idiotic replies along the lines of ''...are you on the board...'' etc
  9. [quote user="ridgeman"]If anyone from the club should read this Thanks for not keeping us informed of what was happening. Roeder said he would like to extend the loan but apart from that we hear nothing. Please Mr Doncaster dont start another load of spin just give us someone who can explain it in simple English. Best fans in the division its a pity the club dont treat us as such. [/quote]What a load of bollocks.  The club are under no obligation to keep you informed of everything.  Just because they have nothing to tell you doesn''t make it spin.
  10. [quote user="breaker2"]Its not a megaphone, they set up a full PA system every match, its run by the fans, and the head honchos organise chants through it, its deafeningly loud, but the crowd goes mad, ive been to 4 marseille matches before, its the same at PSG and many other french and indeed european matches. It creates the best atmosphere ive ever experienced, and when someone score everyone links arms and jumps up and down the rows, so the stadiums litteraly rock![/quote]Agreed - We were in Milan the Sunday before the Inter match back in 93 and got tickets from a tout for AC Milan v Torino.  Tickets were only a tenner and were up in the top tier.  The game was like watching Subbuteo but there was a bloke there with a megaphone on the bottom row of the tier with his back to the game, just singing the first line of a song into a megaphone.  The rest of the end of the ground carried it on.  Works a treat with some decent songs (ie OTBC) but not most of the neanderthal grunts that go on at Carrow Road.
  11. [quote user="C.T "]Smudger wouldnt have more than 2,000 posts on a NCFC messageboard if he didnt support NCFC. IDIOTS[/quote]Can you show me a post where he does support Norwich ?I think you''re the idiot. Or a sheep, as oft-quoted by your messiah.
  12. You need to learn to win away first.  Home form isn''t bad though.
  13. [quote user="Beaker"]i just dont understand the fascination? surely theres better things to do with your time than post over 800 posts on a clubs site that you dont even support, i mean its just weird.[/quote]Sorry, should have included quote.Then...tell that to Smudger.
  14. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]...coming across like a news of the world rent a mob...[/quote]And Smudger isn''t ?  He doesn''t even support the club for god''s sake.
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