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  1. CDMullins

    Liverpool tickets

    Not necessarily, In order to give all priority members a fair chance they reserve certain amounts for phone/in person/online. However if that has been the case, it hasn't been communicated.
  2. CDMullins

    Liverpool tickets

    Not sure if you have seen my post above, but tickets were still available by phone at 10.30, it would appear they are saving a certain amount for each platform.
  3. CDMullins

    Liverpool tickets

    The playground willy waving is beyond belief and been since the membership scheme was announced. "But ive been to more games than you" Very cringey.
  4. CDMullins

    Liverpool tickets

    Whats that got to do with the time they are released? They'd still have to be released 'at X time' which wont suit all.
  5. CDMullins

    Liverpool tickets

    May be of interest to some, But it appears that whilst tickets were showing 'sold out' online (circa 9.40am), they were still available via phone at circa 10.30am.
  6. CDMullins

    Liverpool tickets

    I'm slightly confused. What are the club supposed to do, reserve tickets for each trade? Release some at weekends or 3.30 for teachers? Some just after dinner for post men (or women) Some at 5am for people just finishing nights? Sale dates have been announced for some time, plenty of time to make arrangements with work/family/friends if its that important to you.
  7. CDMullins

    Liverpool tickets

    Job done... Did have an eerie moment, Had it setup on two devices. Desktop - 7 Minute wait, got in after 9 and because I had left two tickets in my basket from last night it wouldn't allow me to book. Laptop - 12 Minute wait, got in after 14 minutes, signed in, two tickets done. Rang ticket office at 9.00.04 - Phone lines closed. Rang at 9.00.014 - lines full.
  8. CDMullins

    Liverpool tickets

    I've asked this Q a few times with zero response...
  9. CDMullins

    Liverpool tickets

    Ditto, Would love to know how the distribution works.
  10. CDMullins


    Mines gone.
  11. CDMullins

    New membership scheme

    How are tickets going to be available? Will they reserve 'x' for club shop, 'y' for phone and 'z' for online?
  12. CDMullins

    New signing photo leaked

    Byram could turn out to be a key cog; Much like Passlack last season.
  13. CDMullins

    End of season DVD

    Really poor, so disappointing. Whole thing felt rushed, almost as if the quicker they get it out the more they'll sell due to the euphoria. No consistency throughout, some times it showed teams, sometimes it didn't. Bizarrely the 1-0 win against Boro takes up around 15 minutes with some weird footage and tunnel cam. Genuinely the one hour youtube video they posted is better than the season review.
  14. CDMullins

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    This was discussed on the last weeks 'Undr The Cosh' podcast (Which is class BTW) Casing point was a young lad (from Barnsley I think, name escapes me) who was tipped to be the next big thing, broke into the first team at 16/17. He never went on to make the big time and blamed it on playing too much, too early. He wasn't mature enough to step up 18/19 and by the time he was 26, he'd played ten years pro football and felt burnt out. Hes now a personal trainer.
  15. CDMullins

    Calling all NCFC maths geniuses!

    Lakey 100% believes he has a 50/50 chance of winning the lottery, Because he can either win or lose.
  16. CDMullins

    New home kit...

    Nice shirt, didn't realise we were up to £50 now though! Jeeez. and £38 for the training top, which is actually lovely.
  17. CDMullins

    Time for a pep talk

    If you think we are going to break the top 4, surely you'd be surprised if we were relegated?
  18. CDMullins

    Leo Vegas......now dafabet

    But here it is one more time.
  19. CDMullins

    Leo Vegas......now dafabet

    Having worked in the industry for some 14 years, I obviously take no issue with this. People need to be accountable for their own decisions in life. We're becoming a soft society that keeps telling people, "it's not your fault"
  20. CDMullins

    Talk Norwich City - Webber Podcast

    They basically just tickled his belly for an hour and eight minutes. Learnt nothing new.
  21. CDMullins

    James Maddison article re U21s

    Really? England could have had 5 by HT. Even for the 10 minutes after the sending off we created chances. We were fully in control until the double substitution
  22. CDMullins

    James Maddison article re U21s

    Couldn't understand it, when board went up for first sub assumed it would be Gibbs-White for Madderz. But the decision to bring two strikers on for Sessengon and Gray was probably the most bizarre substitution I've seen since Stuart Pearce's sub put David James upfront.
  23. CDMullins

    James Maddison article re U21s

    Could only read the first couple of lines, but hes going to struggle to express himself playing behind Foden. Bizarre double substitution cost them the game the other night.
  24. CDMullins

    Official 2019/20 fixtures thread!

    Have you pin pointed where we confirm Champions League football?
  25. CDMullins

    New membership scheme

    Club should be telling us how many Away Premier Memberships have/are to be sold