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mr carrow is in the barclay

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  1. Fitz Hall experienced? he''s 24 and has played a grand total of 52 league games!
  2. apologies...but the barclay is and shall always be home...although if I ever want a bit of piece and quiet I might give the N&P a visit :), rumours of me visiting the the N&P last year are like most of the rumours on here...not to be believed
  3. I know the lower tiers not meant to be done for a while, but I couldnt believe how little progress had been made over the summers, maybe its got something to do with the extra water supply thats bin put in to the N&P, or possible building work couldnt go on while the pitch work was being done
  4. another option...dont make a tackle all season we''ll go down but hey presto qualify for Europe via the fair play league
  5. GG could be the surprise package though...if only both legs still worked
  6. I see...back them publically but start talking to agents of other mascots just in case...we really have arrived in the premiership promised land
  7. I know their meant to have a large comedy head but really thats a bit too much...
  8. I''d certainly prefer Richards even though he has probably the smallest ears in World Football
  9. funny thing is though even though the best bit of the content is on the web site I still buy the pink un on a saturday night, part of the whole weekend experience I suppose I''ve only just about forgiven them for the, ''yes it''s now glossy...yes it wont be out until Sunday'' twaddle of a couple of seasons ago
  10. thank you...I seem to have a mental block when it comes to Stockport...I had memories about walking down a highstreet before a game but couldn''t remember which ground it was...it took me 6 months to work out that it was Stockport
  11. look they''ve been good servants, but everyone has their day and I''m sure Crewe / Gillingham would be able to accomodate them for a season or two, I''m positive that Splat will make a very good living running a pub one day and that Captain Canary, has a future in after dinner speaking, but now we must look onwards and upwards and show prudence with ambition and bring in someone who take us to the next level, the mascot a Charlton for example should be a good model for us
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