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  1. What a ridiculous statement........."especially with the transfer window looming"Do you seriously think the referee had that consideration uppermost in his mind when thinking about calling off the game? Just maybe the safety of the players was of primary importance?Generally I despise keyboard warriors who use cheap insults however with people like you setting themselves up as easy targets I suppose someone has to do it - you p**t![:P]
  2. Time''s up Rodent,Statistically, in terms of win percentage, he is getting close to being one of the worst managers we''ve ever had. He''s almost as bad as Hamilton, but not close to Deehan and Megson - yet!Just click %W (win percentage) in the far right hand side of this tablehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwich_City_F.C.#ManagersA quick calculation on a spreadsheet (using the data from Wiki) shows that of all the managers in NCFC history who have been in charge for more than 60 games (Rodents tenure) he has the fourth highest percentage of games lost.    Name         In charge    Defeats    Defeat %1    Cyril Spiers     65               38     58.52    Bob Young     78               38     48.73    Cecil Potter     101             45     44.64    Glenn Roeder  60               26    43.3The facts don''t lie - we are heading for relegation.
  3. ........not entirely off his rocker - how about a precedent? See below for our 81/82 promotion season: English Division 2 (old)             Bolton              0-1       Norwich           20-03-1982 English Division 2 (old)             Norwich           2-1       Cardiff              27-03-1982 English Division 2 (old)             Cambridge       1-2       Norwich           03-04-1982 English Division 2 (old)             Norwich           5-0       Charlton           10-04-1982 English Division 2 (old)             Luton               2-0       Norwich           12-04-1982 English Division 2 (old)             Derby               0-2       Norwich           17-04-1982 English Division 2 (old)             Shrewsbury      0-2       Norwich           20-04-1982 English Division 2 (old)             Norwich           2-0       Blackburn         24-04-1982 English Division 2 (old)             Leicester          1-4       Norwich           01-05-1982 English Division 2 (old)             Norwich           2-1       Grimsby           05-05-1982 English Division 2 (old)             Norwich           2-0       Leyton Orient   08-05-1982 Culminating in our final game: English Division 2 (old)             Sheff Wed        2-1       Norwich           15-05-1982 A glorious run of 10 wins from our final 12 games.If we can replicate that seasons final 12 games we''ll finish on 76 points which should be enough for the play-offs. *wibble* It seems the spin machine may have a point....
  4. ....the plan being that the board send him off scouting for the next two months looking for talent to chase in the transfer window (his ability to spot talent is ANOTHER topic!) In the interim period we get *insert your choice here* to take over the first team, thus the fans get off the teams back and the squad get some fresh ideas and tactics instead of the usual hokum (work rate etc) spouted by Worthy. a) If results improve Worthy will have to accept a "director of football" type role so we don''t have to pay him off, thus the "sack him" brigade kind of get their way. b) If results get worse then Worthy comes back refreshed in January with a clutch of fresh signings and some new ideas, we all say sorry and get behind him again. No one can deny that Worthy has worked damn hard for NCFC during the last 5 years, maybe he and the club need some time apart.
  5. ... Now that the technical glitches appear to have been ironed out I''ve started reading the Pink-un site daily. I feel praise is due for the quality, quantity and frequency at which new articles are published about our club. I''d be willing to wager that many other Premier teams would love to have such a fabulous website devoted to reporting (and supporting) them? Congratulations and keep it up!
  6. .....do they have Binmen in Sweden? I thought they recycled everything. ;-)
  7. ....perhaps Worthy has no intention of selling Green. Getting a Scottish international keeper on a two year deal for a zero transfer fee is an excellent piece of business. Perhaps Mr Gallacher is simply an asset that we can sell to raise funds, assuming that he''ll probably request a transfer after warming the bench for a few months. Maybe Worthy felt the Gallacher deal was too good to miss. From a financial perspective it certainly makes sense, although it does not do Mr Gallacher any favours. Should Gallacher turn out to be better than expected it gives Worthy a very strong goalkeeping hand (as so to speak!) come the transfer window, given the ever present need to raise cash.
  8. The Helveg signing would be a masterstroke by Nige, the chap undoubtedly has both club and international pedigree. I love NCFC but I wonder why Helveg is even talking to us, given his likely wage demands. I suspect Steen Nedergaard may have had some influence as both he and Helveg started their careers at Odense and may still speak. Thanks Steeno - if I''m right!
  9. Ok- (my first post on Pinky board as well). My old grandad (God rest his soul) took me to Anfield in 1970 something. We were happy enough when Mark Lawrenson put though his own net just before half-time. Then in the second half one of the greatest goals in NCFC history (in my opinion) hit the back of the net, when Martin O''Neill crashed the ball home from 35 yards (ish) and we went on to win 2-0. The memory is vague (I was eight) but treasured, as is the vision of my grandad celebrating the goal. It will live with me forever.
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