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  1. Also have to say great to hear Samba back though
  2. Who the hell thought All Of The Lights by Kanye West would be a good idea as our entrance music. Last time we used it we got relegated. It works for boxing but not football
  3. In all honesty how many of the squad do you think we actually need to replace, I was quite concerned by the length of my list. 3x goalkeeper Every member of the back 4 from this season Tettey & Mulumbu Scratch that it''s too long who in our current squad would you be upset at losing For me it''s a very short list Howson Dorrans Thompson Maddison Wes (he''s part of the furniture)
  4. Can someone tell me where the hell klose and pinto were yesterday. Pinto was the worst player on the pitch and did so well on the second goal. As for the first where the hell was tim he was still walking in to the box. But let''s put all the blame on Russ and Whitts. #scapegoats
  5. the Blue & White centenary kit had the names of people who applied to have their name on it and hall of fame players. The Flybe kit was season ticket holders to commemorate 3 consecutive seasons of over 20000 season ticket holders
  6. Have to agree, we look so much better without him and Martin looks twice the player now he is not having to cover bassong. Bassong was one of the main reasons we went down last time and has been our main problem this year.
  7. I really think we need to find a settled line up for the rest of the season, but saying that I make a fair few changes for the weekend. We need square pegs in square holes, so for what it is worth I would go: Ruddy Martin Bennett Klose Olsen Howson O''neill Redmond Naismith Brady Bamford
  8. Personally I thought wisdom was shockingly bad. He got done nearly every time they came down that side. Whitaker is twice the player he is.
  9. Has anybody watched this yet? It has to be the worst one we have ever released. It''s poorly produced, the picture quality is poor especially at carrow road, there is no footage from the cups (I know it''s bad but should be included) and it''s only an hour long. Another merchandise fail!
  10. It has to be soon as we should be wearing it against hitchin
  11. I actually forgot about it being mid week therefore around 5. But if you want to be really pedantic it''s a 7:45 kick off.
  12. Players get there just before 12:00 as they have lunch together at the ground. I would guess management is a bit earlier. They enter via the main reception in the jarrold stand.
  13. There is also this Oh what a night Simeon Jackson wearing number ten Fratton park at the Norwich end Took us up, oh what a night
  14. The new version is a lot better. Oh what a night 4-1 up at scum in injury time Dan Pacheco scores to make it 5 What a feeling what a night
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