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  1. All opinions are valid and we are all God''s children. Except Muslims, obvs.
  2. Ruddy Pinto Martin Klose Olsson Dorrans Howson Brady Hoolahan Murphy Jerome
  3. Herbie Hide was decent in Peppermint Park against drunken Larkman monkeys, but never more than a third rate heavyweight.
  4. FIVE THINGS WE KNOW ABOUT TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE 1. It''s useful 2. Better players have better technical performance 3. Though not always 4. Therefore it is important 5. Murder me, Rachael
  5. Quite so, Til. It is a sad day when posting a suggested line up for the football club you support is seen by mentalists and WUMs as fair game for their own egotistical agendas.
  6. Not like you to post about other poster''s behaviour while ignoring the football, STFU....
  7. Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Tim Field
  8. As the great parliamentarian Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." You crack on, Babyface. Katie x
  9. Fury against Bruno "in his prime" would be such an easy Fury victory that you would not want to see it. He would knock Bruno out with his jab.
  10. Lakey keeps trolling me but I am going nowhere. In your face, haters.
  11. Stop posting, not stop pouting. Though I won''t stop either.
  12. I agree Herman. It gets very boring being followed from thread to thread by some ego maniac who thinks it''s all about him, but I don''t know what else I can do except stop pouting and if I do that then the bullies win. I will not be intimidated or silenced on this forum.
  13. Good game for Oliviera, Thompson and Godfrey plus both Murphy''s.
  14. Fury would beat Klitschko in a rematch, K is past it and legs have gone. Problem Fury has is his biggest enemy and most dangerous opponent is in his own head and you don''t win those battles.
  15. I started a Rotherham team thread which you thought was about you. I comment on Maddison''s attitude and you think it''s about you. You are a speck of dust in the universe, a blink of an eye in the space time continuum as are we all. Please don''t flatter yourself that it''s all about you. As Morty often says, "nobody cares". Now please stop taking this thread off topic, thanks.
  16. Jesus, you really think it''s all about you! Check your ego dearie. Perhaps we all posted here before you arrived and will carry on posting here after you are gone. .
  17. Terrible attitude again, this time he swore at a pigeon and celebrated his second goal by setting fire to the East Stand.
  18. I think Matt is a member of the Cambridge University National Trust.
  19. Staying on topic then Lakey, what are the reasons why you would drop Jerome for Oliviera?
  20. Would be harsh to drop Dorrans when he has been excellent in the last few games - winning the ball and great distribution. You could push him forward as more of a central midfielder and then play Brady wide left. That would be more likely than dropping Dorrans to pick Murphy.
  21. If you want to make it all about you, you carry on. I posted my team for our next league game. Nothing more. You need an ego check.
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