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  1. correct :) Watch out for a lad called Tom Kemp on sunday. Hes proper nawtyy.
  2. [quote user="The Original Yellow Fever"] Anyone got a Beam Back ticket for Carrow road lounge that that they do not require please? 07799-268032   [/quote] hahahahahahahaa. as if there actually sold out!!!
  3. its a fairly nice pub aswell. Was heaaaving for FA Cup, will be same again sunday
  4. 6-1 for us to stay up!! Well barnsley to go down.. which means we stay up. Caaaammmmm onnnnnnnnnnnnn naarwich
  5. Now a big chase is on for Fotheringham, who joined Norwich in 2007 from Swiss side FC Aarau.   Big chase.. for fotheringham.. Also Canaries Ace...
  6. I think i''d rather stay at home and listen to Neil Gotta agree with you there Adams
  7. The Antigalligan is the away fans pub. We filled it and was a right party atmosphere for the FA Cup game at the Valley this season.
  8. couldnt agree more. He cant trap a ball for a start.
  9. two players who will be have a big part to play next season!
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