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  1. Just ordered them. By the sounds of things there aren''t too many left.
  2. [quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"]I''d say you''re pretty certain to get in on the gate, a lot of people are put off by the Millwall reputation so we won''t have a massive following down there. [/quote] Cheers mate. Thats what i was thinking. Been wanting to do Millwall all season. I think their reputation is a bit overhyped to be honest.
  3. Do you think its safe going to Millwall away ticketless and buying on the door? Allocation of 4000 isn''t there? Cant see us taking that many to be honest.
  4. It''d be great to meet with a few pink un posters before the Brentford game tomorrow, just wondering which pubs you are going to. There''s a few to choose from!
  5. Got two seated tickets. Unreserved seating. Im hoping that i can have a word with someone on the turnstiles and get onto the terrace ;)
  6. Exactly, roll on August! We will all be back again, like the stupid loyal idiots we are! Atmospheres like today definately give you reason to go to games, but unfortunately, the situation could have been a bit different.
  7. The County Ground isn''t too bad, went there years ago! 0-0 on a wet Friday night... The Valley i''ve done twice this season, and wouldn''t be too upset if i miss that game. Also, St Mary''s i''ve done the last 2 seasons... Can''t wait for the empty seats there!
  8. Gutted about that now... Feeling pretty numb at the moment. Not sure whether its the day''s boozing or the relegation... Mixture of both i think. Pre match in the pub was electric! A few funny songs going around as well, the board really don''t deserve fans like us.
  9. Haven''t Brighton got a new ground next season?
  10. Damn, missed that! Left in a bit of a strop straight after the game, train straight home. Could have done with a few more beers when i think about it.
  11. [quote user="Arthur Whittle OBE"][quote user="A Gower"] I was at The Valley, and around me (E Block) there weren''t too many happy clappers. Lots of anti-board songs going round, and songs about fishy Charlton fans... Which was pretty amusing. And, at the end of the game, there we plenty of booing and hand gestures in the direction of Delia and her cronies. So not as "happy clappy" as everyone thinks. [/quote] Bollocks. Not what i''ve heard..  [/quote]   It was what i saw after the game, and what i heard during the game. Not sure it was the same in other parts of the stand, but where i was it was definately like that.
  12. Yep... While we go down, they seem to enjoy it. Sooner they leave the better, as they are becoming increasingly out of touch with the fans.
  13. Its another one to tick off. Looks like a bit of a dump though...
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