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  1. oh well . looks like i''ll have to follow it on here then. cheers anyway
  2. [quote user="Gok"]Homophobic aswell. You''re ignorance knows no bounds [/quote] ha ha stupid binner
  3. maybe i will, although it always pees me of when they walk around the pitch cause theres no crossbar challenge then
  4. my job is taking me to helsinki and i was wondering if anyone knows of any surporters groups in that part of the world?
  5. i feel that i should give something to scum aid. maybe a packet of crisps
  6. lets face it . he just can''t be arssed .
  7. did hear a roumor that charlton fans were selling there season tickets to the city fans
  8. yea thats why i thought i''d give it one last bash so if anyone is out there PLEASE HELP ME!
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