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  1. Hello fellow yellow Quite gutted that Bell has gone not for the fact that he was the next Huckerby but for the fact that gunn lied to us just 24 hours before, So David Carney has been brought in untill the end of the season when of course Gunns deehans and crooks contracts are at an end I belive that new signings will be on the way but only untill the end of the season,so if the board are behind Brian and his team is it not time to splash the cash or was appointing them just a big publicity stunt to keep us the fans of the boards backs KICK IT OFF..............................
  2. Hello Fellow yellow, good result today well ok but to come from two goals down well played the boys, I dont belive that we need a big target man and if/when we get him will he make an improvement on the team? lets start  at the back, i like the look of the new guys and i think after time we will have the tightest defence in the league ( cant really understand on playing kennedy when hes'' going back in jan) then we will be back to two defenders who havent played much together The midfield this is the biggest problem for us at the mo and well forever, croft doest like going forward or taking men on. fozzy is a headless chicken and pattison well after today seems there could be some potential rusty is an average championship player but where are the goals coming from hoolahan? the strikers-well the boy lupoli looks ok cureton the worst thng he ever did was return to us he was rubbish the first time and has done nothing for us since his return, the style of football we are playing at the mo will not suit a targetman i would prefere the money spent on him to go towards a francis type of player that willget 10-15 goals from midfield just my thoughts
  3. me thinks cureton should be dropped never really rated him another grant flop along with fozzy both should be subbed for kroma and lupoli then drop russell into midfield and give him the arm band  
  4. Hello fellow yellow, hope your all well whats your predictions for cardiff im going for 2-1 norwich rusty to get both might be worth a tenner me thinks
  5. jimmy the pig farmer  yes please, got to be better than our current strikers
  6. wish croft would  take players on more and go forward rather than back, but he''s a 10000000000 times better than pattison (or however you spell lardys name)
  7. wish croft would  tae players on more and go forward rather than back, but he''s a 10000000000 times better than pattison (or however you spell lardys name)
  8. his long lasting manager career i heard he nearly got the chelsea job
  9. I think we have done all of our bussines because we aren''t being linked to players (only the same one or two) and beacuse GR knows what he is doing   come on evey  one KICK IT OFF..........................
  10. correct me if im wrong but he said in the edp yesterday that the 20 mil was a one off payment
  11. i hope he does he owe''s us a good season
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