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  1. wasnt at the game is it possible for yoo lot to right the lyrics down :)
  2. [quote user="bjg123"]No I''m not, I''m a Norwich fan who realises we''re unlikely to catch them and that they''re a fair way ahead of us, and have a better squad.[/quote] their squad is no different to last year as spainboy has told us :) well they cocked it up and one other word ''watford''
  3. Typical Jon Otsemerbor... Goes and sets up a great goal then messes up ... Thank God its still 1-0 Atm So Lets see how many times we have too hear this line for the rest of the game .. Iv been counting until now and i have 4 atm .
  4. i remember when we played portsmouth and edworthy got sent off afterr 5 mins we didnt win but still we had a massive go =/
  5. just got sympathy from a keeperbeing sent off :) only chelsea have just had cech sent off :P
  6. [quote user="TheboyMark"]For sure we get more than our fair share of bad refereeing decisions but it sure isn''t any referee''s fault that we so consistently fail to take our chances during games.[/quote] well they ent helping are they =/
  7. shame as i throughlly enjoy moaning about these refs but the question to be asked is can we do what derby did to us ? play up city 2-1 win :P
  8. totally with yoo there and is a very good question any complaint made to the fa wont matter were not in london
  9. well surely this fit and proper testing for referees involves an eye test or some sort of logic, like a brain
  10. is it possible that we could get one decent referee because this is dire now and beyond a joke 4 games in a row and two games with a player hacking holt FIGHT IN THE TUNNEL :P thats our only justice
  11. Might aswell get it started :P im going 2-1 city win one for hoolahan and one for holt :P
  12. Totally with yoo on that point Simon mine would be: Forster Semmy Askou Nelson Drury McVeigh Russell Hughes Lappin Cody/Hoolahan Holt
  13. i think Mr Lambert has to put either chris martin or cody mcdonald on for luke daley. daley has done nothing from what iv heard so our team looks more like of a diamond Holt Cody/Martin Hooli Lappin Smith Rusty Same Back 4 obviously Forster hope we get this 2nd half
  14. 10 .. 9 .. 8 ... 7... 6.. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Lets all have a disco lets all have a disco la la la la la la
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