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  1. Well it''s looking like I got very lucky and you Excited will now be right at the top of the list because I joined the waiting list 2-3 hours before the Derby game kicked off (what a game that was!)
  2. I received the letter today also [:D]Looks like i''m number 744 and I joined late april last year, hopefully this will help some of you work out where you are on the list.OTBC
  3. Portsmouth should start next season on -10 points. How can it be fair that they get away with it and every other club that goes into admin gets this penalty the following season.
  4. Excellent! need to pm you for details but dont know how?
  5. Is Roy Keane a canary in disguise?! KEEP KEANE
  6. We will now go on a bit of a winning run. I''m certainly feeling motivated after that performance and I feel the players will be on a high after Holt''s dramatic equaliser. It''s all about cofidence after all.
  7. Just watched the local news (Look East)Look what they have done................. :P[IMG]http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e189/LoopyLuc/008.jpg[/IMG]
  8. He had 7 clean sheets in the recent world cup qualifiers. Sounds good but is 36
  9. He will sign this week. I picked him up in my taxi Friday night and he said he''s staying at city
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