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  1. Junior Hoilett has wonderful pace and I even have him in my football manager team which is currently in the top half of the BPL (screenshots available upon request). One to watch, and on a free transfer we''d be mad not to sign him. Subbing off Wes Hoolahan in the first half at the weekend tells you everything you need to know about him - pretty unheard of for a manager to do that
  2. My first ever BPL game was at home to Stoke City when the lads played terribly but managed to draw. I watched the second game of my tenure as an NCFC fanatic the other day and yet another awful performance but I think this club could be the one for me. Manchester United seem to be even worse at present and Wayne Rooney is playing horrifically - perhaps a change to the Canaries will do me good after all. I''ve purchased a ticket for Norwich City vs Bournemouth, and will be making a trip to the club shop to buy the replica kit this week. Already have a newton heath scarf so saved myself £5 or so there luckily. Does anyone else have interesting tales of falling in love with the Canaries?
  3. Just looking forward to the Capital One Cup Round 2 draw - there were some super exciting match ups in the first round and Norwich City will be one of the BPL teams entering next round. Walsall impressed me on the soccer highlights, so hopefully we can avoid them and get a big team coming to our arena in the 3rd round, then I will try to go to that fixture. Burton, Shrewsbury and Hartlepool are all bad teams so hopefully we get one of those.
  4. Should I pretend to be a Norwich fan then? I do hope Norwich don''t get relegated this season you know, because then I might get a season ticket next year if I enjoy it this season I have been reading about the history of Norwich on wikipedia, they''ve had quite a few good players down the years and I''m also trying to familiarise myself with the current players on Google images so that I will appear more knowledgeable and perhaps even make some friends when I attend on the 22nd August - I will just say I''ve been away for a long time and not mention that I was a fan of Manchester united from 1995 to 2012 Is there anywhere I should go before the game to meet fellow fans that doesn''t include alcohol?
  5. Quite perplexed by the responses here - I would''ve thought you''d be glad that someone decided to follow Norwich City over Manchester United Anyway, I''ve just purchased a ticket in The N & P Stand as suggested, block RL for the match against Stoke. It will be my first match since I saw Manchester United beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-0 in the League Cup 3rd round back in 2009 so I am quite looking forward to it.
  6. I want to watch the BPL though and I''ve just checked anf Ipswich are only in the SBC
  7. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]I personally hope you never come to Carrow Road and deny a loyal city fan the chance of a seat.. i bet you "supported" manchester united from the armchair and never went to old trafford.. you are a glory hunter jumping on a band wagon.. I mean this in the nicest possible way when I say it.. Pi*s off!"[/quote] I didn''t go to old Trafford because I couldn''t afford it, but now I am working and can afford to go to my local team, which happens to be Norwich. I''m not glory hunting, I just want to watch a good standard of play and now that Norwich are playing against better quality players in the BPL that is possible. As I say, I don''t support Norwich yet, other than financially when I buy tickets. Not sure what is wrong with being neutral to start with until I get into it
  8. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]Can I ask: 1. why didn''t you support us in league 1? 2. who you supported before? 3. Which other poster you are on here Waveney?[/quote] I don''t support Norwich yet either, I want to see high quality play and now Norwich are in the BPL I will attend matches. Maybe after a while I will support Norwich properly I used to support manchester united First time poster
  9. Cheers mate will have a look at that - will I need a child to get in there?
  10. Just hoping for some advise - am happy to sit in a family area for instance
  11. I am a new Norwich city fan and was hoping some long term fans could let me know the best stand to sit in at the arena? I used to support manchester united until david Moyes ruined them and have moved into Norwich a few years ago and now that they are in the BPL I want to get back into the sport. I didn''t really attend at old Trafford because after buying the shirt I couldn''t afford the tickets!! Hoping that someone can recommend a cheap and peaceful area of the arena for me - I disagree with drinking alcohol for relegious reasons so if there is a place to sit where it is banned or there are few drunks then that would be ideal
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