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  1. Pretty sure it said that this is who pochettino wanted so man utd would get him in the hope of luring him there
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theweek.co.uk/premier-league/98714/man-utd-transfer-news-eric-bailly-kalidou-koulibaly-james-maddison-pochettino%3famp Not sure if that link worked, 1 rumour is Madz to Man Utd in the summer.. there's some sell on money for us surely??
  3. [quote user="Row D Seat 7"]Bang on again :-)[/quote] Its Pretty Obvious Your AN
  4. Ffs what are we doing nearly got caught out there
  5. Ruddy comes out with a good punch from a forest corner. Forest putting the pressure on a bit now
  6. Important clearance there from cuellar in the penalty area
  7. Grabbon header deflected wide for a corner
  8. Yeah its not pretty forest having a few chances now
  9. Scrambled chance in the penalty box for forest
  10. Yeah cuellar is looking good! Intercepting the ball into the strikers on several occasions.
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