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  1. @westie I did suggest that Parma''s system (if I may call it that) will work at the highest levels of the game with intelligent and skillful athletes of the sort that you have listed. I wouldn''t disagree with a single player or club that you''ve mentioned as being able to play intelligent football within a Parma style system. Where I diverge, Westie, is that at our level and with the players that we have at our disposal it just doesn''t work. I don''t think one has to understand systems so deeply to see where we are going wrong. We play the ball out from the back with the intention of keeping possession and try to move up the pitch using lots of short angular balls. If we don''t make any forward progress we are quite happy to bring the ball all the way back to the goal keeper and try again. We were doing this tonight when 2-0 down at home with five minutes left on the clock. There are two clear problems here. 1. we allow the opposition to structure their defence. On numerous occasions Madison and Pritchard were shooting from outside the box only for the ball to bounce away against a defender''s legs. They have too many players back in the box and we play with no width. The penalty box is as crowded as Oxford Street in the January sales. 2. we leave ourselves open to an interception through having a high rate of short passing in a small area of pitch. In order to counter this we don''t get midfield players forward quick enough and so our striker is left without service. Our defending is another issue. Our defenders are way too static. This is down to the zonal marking system, a defender probably thinks he has taken up position correctly according to what he thinks he has learnt in training. He is not taking into account what is happening on the pitch and time and again teams facing Norwich simply rip our defence to shreds. We know what Einstein had to say on the subject of insanity, and I felt from the very earliest games this season that there was a sense of uncertainty about our play as though players were trying to do what they''d been taught about playing the system but were struggling with it. Looking at the more recent games it feels more like the players have given up on trying to play the system and have lost faith in the philosophy. They are lacking in both passion and motivation and I put it down to that they are either unable or willing to play to Farke''s system of football. Do you remember Grant Holt''s last season with us? Now there was a player who was a joy to watch when he was unconstrained and allowed to attack centre backs directly. But Hughton tried to impose constraints and play to a more rigid system and Grant hated it. He wasn''t allowed to play his natural game. And this really is my beef about systems, that they do not allow players to express themselves fully. The flair is subdued in the name of the structure. Now I can understand where Parma is coming from and I think he is a football purist who delights in a well-oiled machine where everything is working in perfect sync. Good for him. But going back to my car analogy, I much prefer to see an old banger coming skidding around the corner in a blaze of sparks. That gets my heart racing. My car won''t perform at Formula one levels but its much more fun and something I can relate to at a personal level.
  2. It''s the two main shareholders that need to go.
  3. Thank goodness rhubarb doesnt nitpick
  4. Oh the irony of this post on the OT thread. Who could have written it? So stop hiding behind semantics and tell us all why you think that comment had no relation to Wednesday''s vote and that it referred to another action by the ''rebels. As you must have understood what it meant or you would not have posted it. And if did, why not explain to us all what that ''other'' action was? ie you might just as well claim that a comment such as ''Leeds Utd won on Saturday 16rh December'' does not relate to City losing, and so you will deny the result because it does not mention the latter event. Stop making an ar se of yourself.. You know perfectly well what that comment means and no amount of nit picking will deny that. So put up, or shut up.
  5. The wedding will be in the morning, I expect, so you will have time to nip across London to see City at Wembley in the afternoon.
  6. Sell our club to an asset stripper and that will be us in a few years time. Be careful what you wish for.
  7. I expect some of those people the OP is calling out were at the game today. Unlike the OP who never attends games and contributes nothing to NCFC. tw@t
  8. My uncle works for a sports agency in the north-west and he told me Ruddy has signed a pre-contract agreement to move to Old Trafford in the summer. Is this the breakup of our squad?
  9. [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="City1st"]"Back it up then." wiz before doing so can you state honestly that you have never made any comment regarding ''sending them back'' or outlawing homosexuality in any shape of form on this forum ?[/quote] As you know 1st, I''ve started many risque, taboo, threads on here, including those you mention, many running into multiple pages.l....but having strong views doesn''t always mean I''m the bogyman you''ve painted me to be. But always I''ve stated that yes, I am in principle, against imigration. That is not racist, as many imigrants here already say the same! On gay relationships, yes, I would like to see the age of consent raised, but after then, I would stop a bullet in support of gay rights. As a disabled person myself, I have been called a spastic, flid, cripple and such on here, and yet not one damn mod, poster, plod or club banning order has come to my aid. Yet that taunting is just as illegal as the young man in question actions (Indeed, now wait for the first ''playing the disability cards'' reply) You went strangly quiet on those taunts back then! [/quote] Soon Wiz everything that is risque or slightly taboo will become a criminal offence. Look at the guy who got prosecuted because of his rant over the Robin Hood airport in Nottingham on twitter. His defence was that all he was doing was letting off a bit of steam, and not trying to provoke anybody into doing something criminal. It''s the same with this Donahugue bloke. His comments were dumb but were not made to cause a public disorder. Yes people need to be protected, and I wouldn''t single out any one group in society for special treatment, everybody should be protected equally. So forget this nonsence about special rights for gays, lesbians whatever, and treat everybody the same. I don''t do Facebook or Twitter because you can be sure that the authorities run scans across the traffic looking for terrorist and criminal activitiy. I''m happy for them to do that because it makes the country a safer place. But when it becomes a crime to think in a certain way then it''s a step too far. A spur of the moment rant, an off-the-cuff remark can get you standing in the dock and facing a prison sentence. It''s gone wat to far already.
  10. I find his opinions cretinous and repulsive, but in a democracy we are all allowed opinions. He didn''t urge anyone to commit criminal acts and commited none himself except to express a thought that most of us would rather not hear. But it should not be a criminal offense to express an opinion, regardless how crass it is. It''s a very dangerous slope when we start punishing people for thought crimes. How long before mentioning our six-fingered friends down the road becomes a thought crime because it upsets the disabled? How long before banter is banned from the terraces because some of it cuts a very fine edge? He is a stupid boy and it seems according to Norfolk magistrates he is now a thought criminal
  11. [quote user="SPat"][quote user="Bury Yellow"]He''s a leftie luvvie. Nuff said[/quote] Why don''t you try writing some novels, acting, being part of a quality comedy duo, hosting an intelligent quiz show and generally being a somebody, then you can see if it''s just being a leftie luvvie that got Fry there.[/quote] Hosting an intelligent quiz show? Check out the credits. They employ half-a-dozen researchers to look up the information and these d-list celebrities just read their quips off cue cards. Mr Fry has done very well out of television and all this pandering to working class pusuits such as darts, snooker and football is the bloke trying to gain street-cred. He hasn''t brought anything to Norwich City that we''ve been made aware of and someone who hates the Royals, in my opinion, is someone who hates Britain
  12. Mr. Fry spent the day twiitering about a darts match all through the Royal Wedding. Think he was making some sort of point but bang goes his knighthood. Will it affect his ability to win friends and influence people?
  13. Camuldonum says "Also their new hotel will come with a "pristine beach". Norfolk, of course, has many pristine beaches as well but sadly they are being eroded foot by foot by the hour by coastal erosion and DEFRA has completely washed their hands of you (Whatever will be, will be) despite the best efforts of the EDP from Haisboro'' onwards." And now will all you knockers beleive Yellow Pecker. I told you the Sultan of Brunei is to invest and he wants to dam up the Wash to build property on it. It''s not going to happen overnight. Can you imagine the amount of negotiations that it takes?? T says " I can only say from experience that travelling back to Norwich from a long haul international location is a nightmare given the appalling infrastructure in the UK. I think any investor travelling from Dubai to Norwich would give up on the idea of investing in NCFC long before he ever eventually got there. " And didn''t Pecker tell you the airport was going to be upgraded?? Two respected posters - both confirming my info. And I spent two nughts banged up on remand because of this!! Thanks a lot. It will happen VERY SOON!!
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