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  1. [quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="dibbler"]Report: Gary Rowett interested in vacant Norwich City job Gary Rowett of Birmingham City looks on during the pre season friendly match between Nuneaton Town and Birmingham City at the James Parnell Stadium on July 14, 2015© Getty Images By Daniel Lewis, Football League Correspondent Filed: Friday, March 10, 2017 at 21:26 UK Last Updated: Friday, March 10, 2017 at 21:28 UK Former Birmingham City boss Gary Rowett is keen on a return to management with Championship side Norwich City, according to a report. The 42-year-old was controversially dismissed by the Blues just before Christmas, having guided the club into playoff contention in the first half of the season. Rowett''s stock has only continued to rise during his time out of work, largely due to the reverse in fortunes of the side he left behind, and he recently admitted to wanting a crack at the Premier League. It is claimed by Sky Sports News that he has shown his interest in the Norwich job, however, just hours after Alex Neil was given the boot following a disappointing run of form.[/quote] There was one report a while ago that Rowett was waiting to see if the Norwich job became available. And he might be interested. Not least because of the unacknowledged upside of Smith and Jones giving managers time (arguably sometimes too much) to get it right. Rowett wouldn''t work for the Forest owner because he thought he would always be in instant danger of the sack. He would know that wouldn''t be the case at carrow Road.As to him fancying his chances in the Premier League, after he was sacked by Birmingham two jobs came  up - Hull and Swansea - both of which he might have thought he would have a chance of getting. That he didn''t has probably convinced him he needs one more job in the Championship, with a club that might get promoted. before stepping up a division.At a tangent, while some sympathise with Neil, we should spare a thought for all those posters who recently claimed to know for cerrtain he would be the manager next season, and a special prayer for Highland Canary, who kept on suggesting he would be at Carrow Road for no fewer than eight more years. These posters will be feeling bereft and need understanding rather than ridicule.[/quote]Thing with Rowett is the Gardening Leave. He had 18 months left, so that''s a hefty chunk of change just to speak with him. Personally I can''t see it. I think He''ll move in the summer Maybe to a prem side that survive
  2. Rowett hasn''t gone anywhere because he ''s18 months worth of Gardening Leave a ton of money
  3. [quote user="Mickdundee"][quote user="JF"]iron_stan wrote the following post at 10/03/2017 7:27 PM: bristolcanary wrote: We don''t want an international class manager at little old nodge do we? just because he had the job doesnt make him "international class" he was FAR from class The curse of managing England. I can''t name a single manager that has been a real success in the job. And many bigger names in the game than Hodgson have failed in the role.[/quote] Nobody was as bad as his England at the last two tournaments He was genuinely embarrassing[/quote]But he won''t be a Tournament Manager. Norwich is the right size club for him Rowett''s on gardening leave so you''d have to stump up big cash to get him. 
  4. If you can look past the England job. Hodgson is an outstanding club Manager who stablised us in the prem. He''s also a big enough "Name" to attrach talent. He recommended Lukaku for us and because of Steve Clarke''s Chelsea link we got the season load. It lead to what is currently our most successful Prem season. Worse out there lads
  5. I think we''re more interested in Charlie Taylor I could see a bid for Robbie Brady, bot, not a priority
  6. Having looked at his twitter and stories about us he hasn''t got a high success rate :D
  7. [quote user="City 2nd"]So many of you on this forum are completely and utterly ill informed. The reasons the Chinese are poaching or attempting to poach all the worlds top players and managers is thus: The Chinese government has unveiled an ambitious blueprint to get 50 million children and adults playing soccer by the end of this decade, with the broader objective of becoming a “world football superpower” by 2050. They are also hell bent on qualifying for the next World Cup finals and have set down plans to win the competition too. What they cannot get into their own Country they will get by investing in clubs the world over, not just in the UK game. In Shanghai and Beijing the game is bigger than anything in the EPL, much much bigger. So I agree with the OP, Delia shouldn''t turn down the Chinese or any other foreign investor, because Norwich City will become a non entity in the modern game if they fail to keep up with modern trends. Just as England was a superpower in football in the 60''s, you only have to look at the national games demise over the last 40 years and the development of nations such as Iceland to see just how bad the UK game is. Hers and MWJ ramblings in the media about not wanting foreign investment was totally abhorrent and I''ll advised. Still with club owners who stick with failure, not surprising really.[/quote]Bang on Mate. Does anyone have a link to any article where she turned any offer down? Anyway Happy New Year to you all
  8. Has she turned them down? is there a link? It just that I was going to that question anyway
  9. [quote user="Cantiaci Canary"]Big talk only ... he''ll be at Villa for £9m by the middle of the window.[/quote]Maybe Pulis is interested and from his presser today it sounds like Lai and Yunyi Investment are backing him. He originally wanted 3 players Now he''s talking 4 or 5 bids have already been tabled. It looks like we''ll be busy hopefully
  10. [quote user="GPB"]Not sure I follow the Moxey Is mates with Delia point. This is based on Delia knowing Steve Morgan? Does that necessarily follow? I don''t know Moxey will chuck his weight around the club and the city as McNally did. Of course DM had earned his stripes and Moxey hasn''t . Early impressions are that Moxey is no wall flower but he walks a thin line right now as the Club struggle on the pitch. A few sponsors not impressed . That''s ok if there are more with deep pockets in the wings. But they will only be there if the club has some success. Otherwise the Alan Boswells and Jarrolds of this world get replaced by Galway Roast and Noddy''s Greasy Spoon .[/quote]I don''t know if the Smith''s are mates with Morgan. One thing I do know is Mick McCarthy hid their shortcomings. They sacked him and ultimately ended up in league 1
  11. [quote user="True Grit"]The guys a touch of class. Well respected (and feared at times) behind the scenes - he can open doors to players and staff McNally could only have dreamed of. There were many mitigating circumstances at Wolves (which I can''t go into on a public forum) which hindered his philosophy and vision for the club. Trust me on this, Jez will flourish here and long term you and I will all be thanking him.[/quote]I do love a good laugh :D :D :D As an Albion fan Moxey was a Hero at the Wo1ve5 http://thestirrer.thebirminghampress.com/2301072.htmlWith Tesco bags we turned the South stand from Orange to Blue & White.
  12. [quote user="Horse Renoir"]Of course AN isn''t near the sack. Moxey absolutely hasn''t got a clue. Vital year for Wolves with them rebuilding their stadium and battling to avoid the drop. He sacks his best ever managerial appointment in Mick Mccarthy, puts Terry Connor in temporary charge, who has no previous experience or even a desire to manager Wolves who then does poorly while Moxey has a quick look around, decides there isn''t anyone available in world football better than Terry Connor to see them through this sticky patch and 18 months later they''re in league 1! It''s absolutely stunning that he got the top job at a club of our stature. The man is a total fraud. Of course AN isn''t near the sack. Moxey absolutely hasn''t got a clue.[/quote]Morgan sacked McCarthy after the St Valentine''s Day Massacre. Moxey was behind the great pie and a pint fiasco. The Corperate rebate in front of the season ticket holders disaster. Connor and Saunders were both on Morgan. Moxey won''t be the axeman that''s the Smith''s
  13. [quote user="Move Klose"]I wish they would come in for Brady. Been crap all season.[/quote]Pulis wanted him in the Summer, He''s given Lai and Williams a list of 3 players he wants. All three local Chinese owned clubs have shown their hands. Except us. Our sale wasn''t completed in time. Lai and Yunyi get a chance to show their ambition in January. I know one name is Morgan Scheniderlin, Time will tell
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