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  1. [quote user="The Bucketman"] TBH I would not change much- I think when we start doing well it will be with the guys we have now even though I know Ive got a bit of a slating heading my way now. Its a good enough team they just cant be bothered. [/quote] ''It''s a good enough team!''[:$] IMO the current players at the club are the worst set in the division and I mean the worst! I would get rid of Lappin, Doc, both Jarvis'' (not loans but permanent deals), Chadwick, Fozzy( he had a good 30 minutes against Southampton but he''s been awful apart from that), Brown and Eagle. I hope we bring in a manager who''s willing to venture into the continential market because we lack quite a few flair players. However if the new manager wants to stick with Brits and make us tough to play against then lets actually make us physical and lets bully teams ourselves. I think this is what Grant wanted us to achieve but unfortunately he didn''t bring any flair players nor any big, athletic players. I believe that if in January we can bring some hard workers and quality into the squad and then stay up this season, then I feel as though we could go up next season. Just look at Watford.
  2. My top ten In order: 1. Jewell 2. Bruce 3. Tilson 4. Allen 5. Pulis 6. Grayson 7. Parkinson 8. Ince 9. Hareide 10. Littbarski/Crook My top ten managers who I wouldn''t want to get the job: 1. Mourinho 2. Wenger 3. Sir Alex 4. Ancelotti 5. Rijkjaard 6. Van Basten 7.Lippi 8.Scolari 9.Hiddink 10. Grant [:P]  
  3. I''d be delighted with Dave Jones. He''s done a half decent job at Cardiff and did well at Wolves. PS. we8wba, what sort of football did he play at Wolves?
  4. [quote user="we8wba"] honestly i know he hasnt picked up many good results most notably cyprus but look at his squad v.v.young team, who aim to build for future, they didnt have cat in hells chance did they?   i think theres better managers for your job but he been judged badly i feel [/quote] I agree with we8wba. Even though he wouldn''t be my first pick, I still wouldn''t be unhappy with him. Ireland didn''t have much quality in their side, except players like Keane, O''shea and Given and when I watched some of their games, you could tell that it would have one day, all come together.
  5. IMO we have missed the chance to protest.When PG was at the club would have been the ideal time to do it and we could have aimed it at both him and the board. But now we''ve got our wish in that PG has left and as long as they dont appoint Duffy as the new man in charge, then a protest would be pointless as there would still be loads of bad vibes around the club and that certainly wouldn''t help the new manager and the players. I do think that Delia and co should look to sell up but if they decide to carry on then so be it. I think that because the players are so poor, any manager in the world would have a tough job on his hands to keep us safe. So I think that we should get behind everyone at the club and we should just accept who the new manager is and give him time to bring in his own players, whether it''s with a lot of money to spend with a new owner or whether it''s with Delia''s money. If we go down I think we should still get behind the board, manager and players and hopefully Delia will do what''s best for the club, in her eyes.
  6. [quote user="ncfcfaithful"] So despite the early kick off those off you old enough to drink get some early drink inside you to loosen the throats and sing louder than you have for years, every time an Ipsh*t player gets the ball boo and whistle lets for one game get the atmosphere going and try to intimidate the other team rather than our own!!  We are clearly a poor team at the moment but victory in this game could be just the boost they need to get out of the trouble we''re in!! Even if we go a goal behind continue to support the team (i know most do but lets be honest it''s not been the case in recent weeks from some sections)!!  Lets not let Ipsh*t see what a state we''re in and for 90 minutes GIVE THEM HELL!!! [/quote] Most of the time, the atmosphere generates from what''s going on on the pitch and if we''re playing attacking, exciting football then Carrow Road will be rocking. For the first half an hour of the Bristol game when we were playing well the fans were singing their hearts out(sort of!). Unfortunately over the past couple of years the football hasn''t been great and therefore it''s hard for the fans to get going. So if the team''s playing well, I''m sure the fans will really turn up the volume. The worrying thing, though, is that I don''t think the players are good enough to take the game to the opposition![:$]
  7. Can''t agree more, Stueeyc. Croft hasn''t been anywhere near his best since he got injured at around this time last season. But we saw what he''s capable of in the first ten or so games of last season and Chadwick isn''t half the player he was for United all those years ago. I definitely think Croft should start. Let''s hope Duffy proves me wrong!
  8. However much I hate to say it, I think we''ll lose tonight but we need to try and get all three points, really, especially as I fear WBA will completely turn us over on Saturday. 2-0 Burnley[:''(]
  9. (in reference to the homepage news) It''s horrible when something like that happens to a player. I hope you make a speedy recovery, Joe.[:)]
  10. He did brilliantly at Colchester on an extremely small transfer budget but when he went to a bigger club in Hull he didn''t do great! But I''d say give him a go![:D]
  11. [quote user="norwich fan"]I Dont think iwan would be a great manager. Possibly a coach. Get Tom Andrews in for the job[/quote] I''ve also heard Tom Andrews is quite a good coach and a possible new manager?
  12. Last season, I didn''t think for one minute that we would go down. The worrying thing is, is that I believe we will go down this season no matter who the new manager is. The only way we will get out of this mess is if the board sell or put more money into the transfer kitty. Simple as.
  13. Just wondering what the guy''s up to now. Would it be a good idea to bring him in as a coach? He is a legend and he always gave it 110 percent. Is this what the current crop of players need to inspire them? I''m not too sure, just me and some mates were talking about it the other day! Interested in what others think.
  14. [quote] It''s gone wrong again.“It''s unbelievable. You think at least you''re going to grind a draw out of this game.”    (its 1-1, Hucks has just equalised with our first goal for 6 games, were at home, and Russells thinking of grinding out a draw when a 2-1 turnaround should be the only thing on his mind.)OTBC[/quote] I still would have been disappointed with a draw at home to Bristol City so if the players would have been happy then it shows that they have no mental strength whatsoever.
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