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  1. http://www.fansfc.com/frontpage/frontpagenews.asp?newsid=179589 cardiff bid 600,000 for evans
  2. i maybe hoping for too much but in the sun newspaper today delia is apparntly goin back onto tv for a bbc2 cook show! either for more money for herself..for ncfc.. or is she settling down to sell up lol   we can all dream!
  3. just like to norwich city fans= brilliant , all 25 thousand of us got behind our team an do believe if we carry on week in week out we can be sitting comfortably in mid-table as long as the players perform like the like week in week out! as for two scummers in the N&P....the two p****s stood up cheering when ipsw*** when 2-0 up, then when getting escorted off the ground were pointing 2-0 at the crowd when walking past!   my idea was to let them back in when we drawed levelld  haha that would of been brillaint!  
  4. i understand he has been interviewd and is a very strong candidate for the job! really not sure if he is th man to keep us in the league!
  5. m8 i did go to the game and im standing by what i put, signing hartson was an absoloute joke, an i think all the people around me thought the same! so no more lame jokes about specsavers mate an u say he could of scored 3 or 4 ! but did he , the weight hartson is he is never going to be match fit enough !
  6. look all hartson " fans" keep saying even though he missed alot of chances at least he was in the right areas ...im sorry but at the state this football club is in.. what good is that! we dont need a overweight, had his day, striker who if the ball dosent come within 5 yards of him he dosent move , we need someone who can score the goals stop defending him!
  7. at the game vs bristol city i was sitting in the jarrold stand near the top an doncaster was standing behind at the back when we wwnt 2-1 down i turned round an to my astonishment he was laughing!   so the man next 2 me stood up an shouted what you think this is funny! do you pay £350 to watch this s**t no you get paid 2 watch it!   he hen walked off!   this is an absoloute joke an a disgrace
  8. enough said just read!   http://www.teamtalk.com/football/story/0,16368,1781_2817381,00.html
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