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  1. Colchester losing let''s hope it stays like that and Charlton draw
  2. Then wouldn''t we have been fined for half the games last season???
  3. you''re lucky mines rebuffering every ten seconds or so.... have you tried mucking around with the options (right click on video)
  4. Thanks everyone Dog your link says removed due to questionable content.... hope that''s not our defending
  5. Not having any luck here Ustream seems to work but I''m not sure how you search or do you have to wait until the game is on? Filmon won''t load anything'' Any links please
  6. If you could Andy thyat would be great every time I find one though it doesn''t work in this part of the world
  7. This is rather like my last post Does anyone know if the cup game is on Fox.... there is a listing for CC championship on Fox guide (as there was for the Leeds game) but I can''t find which game... it would have to be an early one though
  8. It didn''t look to me as if the closest defenders were watching at all and by that time thye attacker was already on his way... I used to get miffed when the under 8s did that... But good performance overall... could just feel it was going to happen... thought Cody or someone may have unsettled Leeds at the back for the last 5-10 minutes... as it was they pushed forward... I wonder if the keeper should have subbed when he signalled to the bench... not sure what he had done but maybe it was relevant (top save though) ... and what was Kyle fom Tenacious D refereeing for?
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