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  1. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"][quote user="nutty nigel"] Wayne tells us that ''Arthur is the true voice of NCFC supporters''  does he speak for you? I haven''t bothered getting involved with this before but theres no way I want to be associated with his incessant drivel! I''ll start it off with a big fat NO! Anyone else?   [/quote] Firstly i would like to ask wayne to refrain from using me  your opinions. Thanks Secondly i couldnt give a monkeys whether everyone thinks im the voice or not, i will continue to say what I believe. [/quote] Sorry mate, i got a bicarried away. Bit pathetic that a thread has been started over it though.
  2. [quote user="paint_me_yellow"] "not 1 person has yet to reply to disagree {true they havent had a chance to reply to todays but whats the excuse for last weeks letter?}." Maybe no-one reads the paper. And the fact that hes on here means I can quicker reply to him now than in a weeks time. "Also the Evening News only prints letters it deems worthy so top marks to Mr Whittle." So does any publication. They''re hardly going to publish stuff they don''t want, are they? It''d be like buy mushy peas when you don''t like them. Perhaps more people in Norfolk agree with Arthur than the users of this forum care to admit? In terms of letters printed to newspapers its 1-0. Hardly shows signs that ALL of norfolk agree (or even disagree) with him, does it? For all you know I may have had a letter published in another magazine or newspaper elsewhere, but just because no-ones replied in opposition doesn''t mean my views reflect those of everybody? [/quote] No one reads the Evening news? Well they have done well for a paper that no one buys have they not? Im 100% sure that more people buy the Evening News who support Norwich than use this forum. Just out of interest how many people regularly use this forum? 20? 30? 100 at most? And how many buy the evening news? Just a guess but i would say way over 100 my man.
  3. Well done Arthur, another great letter. I have a theroy on this if you care to bare with me. There are only a handfull of people on this site who disagree with your views, yet the Evening News is a Norfolk paper and not 1 person has yet to reply to disagree {true they havent had a chance to reply to todays but whats the excuse for last weeks letter?}. Now if you read the Evening News letters regularly you will know that whenever a topic is brought up that people object to a number of counter letters in defence are sent in.. Also the Evening News only prints letters it deems worthy so top marks to Mr Whittle. Perhaps more people in Norfolk agree with Arthur than the users of this forum care to admit? I look forward to a letter next week mate, maybe Neil Doncaster may reply? Keep up the good work on drawing Norfolks attention to the matter and not just a small number on this site. Arthur is the true voice of NCFC supporters and hes not afraid to go public!
  4. [quote user="MightyYellows50"] [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]Who on here still supports the board and if so why?[/quote]   So Arthur, when are you selling your season ticket? [:^)] [/quote] Thats it, ignore the question and hopefully it will all go away! SELL YOUR SHARES NCFC BOARD NOW BEFORE WE GO DOWN-RELEGATION WILL BE YOUR FAULT!
  5. Its simple mate, we want her to sell her shares to ambitious investers.
  6. How anyone can defend this pathetic excuse for a board is beyond me.
  7. Why do people fall for the "were going to give a real go this year" crap. Its been the same for 3 years expect a 4th. How are West Brom, Wolves, etc bigger clubs than Norwich?  
  8. Been confirmed Freddy signed for wolves today in a deal worth 1.5m to southend. { Hinting it depends on goals, appearences, promotion etc} Im a bit annoyed with this. If we were prepared to pay over 2m for sharp why could we not pay 1.5m for eastwood who has actually played at this level, and we were supposed to be after? Was it the players decision? Did the board refuse to bid that high? What happened? 1.5m for one of the most sort after strikers in the championship is a bargain we have missed out on. The frontline of Brown, Cureton and Martin {maybe the czech guy} is not filling me with confidence although the rest of the squad is starting to look solid. We definetly need a proven scorer in this league if we are top challenge for top 6. Who will score the most in the league next year? Czech fella? Cureton? or Eastwood? My bet is cureton and Eastwood would have been one of the best partnerships in the league. I honestly thought we would sign him. Gutted!
  9. http://www.pinkun.com/cs/search/SearchResults.aspx?q=web%20team-questions%20for%20the%20board&f=&u= I think you will find what millo is refering to on this thread.
  10. Go the the archives search and type in..... web team-questions for the board 18/6/07 10.54am web team pat says " its a good idea well look into it". 19/6/07 3.53pm web team pete says "Neil Doncaster will be answering your questions in a live web chat on july 27th". So it has always been planned for this month but why did you make out Millo was lying that he had agreed to one?
  11. [quote user="Web Team - Vince"][quote user="Millo"] I know Neil Doncaster cancelled his Q and A on here but its re arranged so would we be able to ask him questions without the mods editing or deleating? [/quote] Neil Doncaster has never cancelled his Q&A on here - in fact, he''s never had one booked on pinkun.com His Q&A is on EDP24 at the end of July, as originally scheduled. It has not been postponed from a previous date. He also did one on EDP24 quite a few years ago (although I don''t think I can link to it anymore due to changes in technology). [/quote] "It''s always been set for the end of July (July 27 according to my list). Full details in the EDP, on EDP24 and somewhere on the Pink ''Un site nearer the time. You will be able to leave questions in advance for about a week before" Web team vince on monday. Maybe he could do one on here if not why not? This is the archants football forum after all!
  12. [quote user="Web Team - Vince"][quote user="Millo"] I know Neil Doncaster cancelled his Q and A on here but its re arranged so would we be able to ask him questions without the mods editing or deleating? [/quote] Neil Doncaster has never cancelled his Q&A on here - in fact, he''s never had one booked on pinkun.com His Q&A is on EDP24 at the end of July, as originally scheduled. It has not been postponed from a previous date. He also did one on EDP24 quite a few years ago (although I don''t think I can link to it anymore due to changes in technology). [/quote] I clearly recall a post from the web team saying Neil Doncaster will be doing a Q&A here on june the 29th. Also Celia from the web team confirmed he would be doing one last week but didnt know the date.It also said that pinkun users could leave questions in advance. Check your archives Vince you will find the facts in black and white. Millos not lying my man. The facts are in the archives.
  13. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"] [quote user="1 post poster"]Arthur, what does any of that actually mean in terms of a real world business plan? ''I want to see ambition and fight'' sounds very nice anv is very easy to type but it would be more constructive to suggest how this might be put into practice in a way that doesn''t condem the club to the current Leeds situation if promotion isn''t achieved straight away. That''s the thing. Alot of people seem to think running a club like Norwich is easy. It isn''t. If they came up with some plausable, positive changes then i like many people would back them. Instead we get silly sound bites that actually mean sweet nothing.[/quote] Fair enough but its our hard earned cash that is still promoting this poor excuse of an ambitious club. I havent got the solutions but would you go back to a restaurant that served you rubbish? maybe once even twice for the benifit of the doubt but if it didnt change week in and week out im sure you would either not bother or say something. Now imagine that if it was something [and im sure it is] that is so close to your heart. Im not saying it is easy to run the club but the mentality of the board is all wrong. I want change in that respect and if it doesnt happen then i will say my bit. [/quote] good points Arthur, Grant has done well to bring in good signings and only spent 700,000 on cureton and 900,000 on marshall. Is the supposed 6.5m transfer kitty really there? Credit to Grant for getting decent players with the money on offer but............ we had the 2.5m sharp money and at least 500,000 ready for marshall and are told the 3.5m earnie money will go into the kitty. So thats 6.5m call it 4.5m left for signing on fees and transfers. This transfer budget still has 4.5m left so does anyone believe the board will let him spend it? If they do i will stop being negative and maybe start to forgive them for 3 pathetic years. Grant has done a fine job working on what hes been given. P.S. Seems strange we were allegedly ready to spend 2.5m on Sharp but when southend start accepting bids of 2m for eastwood we pull out. Strange but true!
  14. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="Millo"] You say about Wayne making things personal yet since your u-turn last friday you have made a hell of a lot of personal digs at Arthur and co including me. I refuse to take any of your posts seriously anymore. Your trademark was personal stuff so for you to turn this onto others is beyond belief. From now on im just ignoring your threads and im sure a lot of others will follo. [/quote] Okay, I''m relieved you''re ignoring my theads from now on Millo, frankly you''ve spend more time attacking me than actually contributing to a theme. And yet again you''re one of the few posters who can''t seem to grasp I''ve only had a ''pop'' at people who''ve started on me first! in general I try never to attack fellow posters. Fortunatly, these boards are blessed with far more open minded posters than your goodself  (just read 98% of the replies to this thread for proof of that!) I write for them, thats what matters, not petty point scoring. If we''e lucky we might just survive your boycott of my threads, after all, we''ve done pretty well up to now!. [/quote] You used to spend all your time posting threads about how much you disliked Delia and Grant so your a fine one to talk.If anyone has the time go through the last month or so''s archives and remind yourself exactly what wiz has said. As for people being open minded i hope you have excluded yourself from this. "I write for them," oh how grateful we are oh mighty one. Yet more proof of your attention seeking. Cheers Millo, i may join you in ignoring the man with more faces than big ben.
  15. Hes always had mine. The board dont-they have failed us badly for 3 years, and i cant forget that. We dont all do u-turns to get attention. Its you i fail to have respect for. More attention seeking new threads { how manys that now? }, how the mods let you get away with it is beyond me.
  16. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="alex_ncfc"] Not like your one to bend the facts Wiz, but Svensson was 300K after promotion. [/quote] Agreed Alex, but.... When WE signed him, it was for 60 grand, so I was right there, what happened afterwards was incidental as most players sold have that type of clause put in by the selling club. If City hadn''t gone up, it would have remained 60 grand, so who''s bending what?? And even at £300.000 it was a steal........agreed?. [/quote] He cost 300,000 mate end of story. Most of the players we sign are on initial payments but do you mention that {Ashtons downpayment was 2m but do you go around saying we signed him for 2m}?
  17. [quote user="hogesar"] Do what i do, and post these, most will pass review stage:   Ipswich Town, now Loaded with around 3.5 Million, are still looking for a better target man upfront. Norwich City Football Club (NCFC) Have released Striker Peter Thorne, and is a possible target for Jim Magilton. Jim has been reported telling CCCGOALS.CO.NR: "I would certainly look at him. He had a fantastic time at Cardiff, and thought he looked deadly for norwich too. He may not have scored much, but i''m sure he''s capable of more" Whilst this goes on, Ipswich are also desperate to land the young and mobile Ian Henderson, but reports say he has already joined a Conference team, choosing them above Ipswich.   And yes, cccgoals happens to be my site =-D [/quote] Oh yeah hillarious. p.s. Henderson signed for Northampton wednesday.
  18. Liverpool today announced that Mommo Sissoko had signed a new contract to fend of potential buyers after less than a year with Liverpool. Now my point is that this is standard practise. You sign a player on whatever grounds needed to get them there in the first place and then review the contract to get rid of clauses that could see the player leave, offer him a new deal without clauses {maybe a few extra quid or bonuses} and the player is there to stay unless you accept a bid. The Norwich cirty board has today failed us. Norwich city board you disgust me and show little respect to your fans who you pass off as thick inbreds. If protests happen, they only have themselves to blame.
  19. [quote user="Master Of Puppets"]Why all the fuss about Earnshaw leaving?  I know he had a big hand in keeping us up last season, but last season was a season of transition. Lets be honest, when he signed people were not overjoyed, but now, apparently, he''s the greatest thing since....Dean CASHton.  I personally never really took to the little goal hanger.  Yes he scored goals blah, blah, blah, but he never felt like a Norwich player, and his insistence on a £3.5million sell on fee justifies my doubts about him. If anyone honestly thought he would be here next season then they need their heads looking at.  What we have now is the return of the prodigal son.  The Artful Dodger.  The player responsible for one of my greatest ever NCFC moments (green hair and all) - super Jamie Cureton.  This lad will bring team spirit back into the side.  A sense of pride.  He really does care about the club.  Why the fuss about him being 31/32.  Ryan Giggs is 33 - you wouldnt turn him down based on his age.  And lets not forget - HE WAS THE TOP PIGGIN GOALSCORER IN OUR DIVISION LAST YEAR. So lets all just settle down, and actually wait to see what happens next season, instead of writing it off already.  Come on Jamie - you''re a F***ING LEGEND!!![/quote] Seems like Neil doncaster does use the pink un site after all.
  20. [quote user="ncfcsteve"] Sorry to be different to everyone else here today - Earnshaw was an ordinary player with an appaling first touch - OK he scored goals in the championship but I would put money on him being found out in the premiership, and it will be interesting to see what happens when Derby get relegated because they were no match for us at Carrow Road and only won because of their appalling time wasting tactics. Lets just hope the £3.5million is spent wisely so that we can have a solid core of a decent side, rather than relying on one lone striker - who after all did look like an alien!!     [/quote] Earnshaw got 11 goals in 1 year at the west brom in the prem and most of the time was a sub-not a bad record my friend.
  21. [quote user="Hucks6"] How many more times are the most of Norwich City fans going to be sold down the river. Being a supporter since 1959 this is probably the hundredth time we have been told this. Renew season tickets early, what for another season like last year or even worse. Perhaps the board can explain to us long suffering supporter what has happened to the list of players we were supposed to get in. We were told as soon as the season finished we will have 4/5 players in for pre season training. This board has no ambition, never has done, we were told when we went into the Premiership we would enjoy it. Other teams don’t say that, they have a board and manager who would want to stay their. No, not Norwich. What has happened to the 7.5 million for Dean Ashton? 3.5 million for Earnshaw, oh I forgot we were in debt. What other fans would put up with this mess, only Norwich City fans. The board sometimes should think of the supporters and not themselves. I shall not be renewing my season ticket, I don’t care if Beckham, Drogba, Ronaldo came to Norwich. Oh I forgot, Norwich have 10.5 million to put in the bank and not use on the team. On the ball city. [/quote] Spot on. The only way the board will pay attention is by doing a 1 off boycott of a game in protest.
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