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  1. I live in Adelaide and Ian Crook works as a match pundit (Alan Hansen type) for Foxtel (Aussie equivalent to SKY). He is a very switched on bloke - no mistake about that. He is currently assistant coach at Sydney FC so he is definitely a possible replacement. The dream team in my opinion would be David Williams (manger) and Ian Crook (assistant). Would Crook leave Sydney for Norwich though??
  2. I haven''t been on here for over 5 months but I can''t contain myself with this one, I mean wearing a tie at a football match is an absolute disgrace
  3. Add to the fact that there are delays on the district line to Putney Bridge upto 35minutes. I have got a feeling that One Anglia will not have enough buses and the whole thing is going to be a disaster (no surprise). Just drink loads on the train first.
  4. Engineering works on Sunday 15th so add an hour onto the travel time
  5. It''s good news we have only got it for a season. Hopefully we will bin Xara and get a decent manufacturer.
  6. More like "Why I bought the Doc......or Jonson.......or Gallacher" now that would be a better question.
  7. [quote]smudge, you may be willing and able to pay more for watching ncfc but not everybody could afford to pay £35 per match each week (£56 with an under-16 in tow). Do you really want to lose supporters wh...[/quote] I am fully aware of the fact that a number of people cannot afford match tickets but we cannot blame the club for lack of new players until such time as the ground can be expanded. As Andrew Cullen said, we could comfortably be getting gates of 35000 and above. If we want premiership football we have to be prepared to pay in one way or another, be it sacrificing a player or withholding transfer money. Lets get the work complete.
  8. I actually think Norwich should take note of Palace. If the club has a small capacity then the prices should be hiked up to maintain a good gate revenue. We at Norwich have a big waiting list with thousands of casual supporters who used to go - in the dark days - locked out. Norwich is a growing city, we need a to have a ground big enough to hold everyone but money, as ever, is the key. We have had sellout crowds for the last 4-5 years and next year will be no different even if we push for promotion.
  9. It is time to get the clippers out......Doherty your first......Ashton your second
  10. Gary Holt was superb tonight, he covered more grass and made more tackles in this game than Mulryne all season. The team looked solid with him in the team. Welcome back Gary Holt
  11. [quote]Has anyone actually managed to watch a Norwich game on any of these sites?[/quote] Yeah, www.freelivefootball.co.uk is ok.
  12. [quote]You''ve ignored most of my questions and the hotel bit Smudge, why?. I''ll tell you why, you can''t answer them, can you!. I may well be mad mate (when all else fails, be insulting, yes?), but at least...[/quote] Who''s slinging mud?? It is not a difficult theory, if for instance ourselves and WBA made a loan move for a Birmingham defender which club do you think he would join?. He would clearly move to WBA because of the obvious family ties. Well done of the other points (whatever they were) I must have agreed. Now calm down dear and have a cup of tea.
  13. [quote]No pulling power eh?. Sorry Smudge, but as I said to Campbell , why did the most sought after young striker in the Championship (Leading scorer) ignore other Premiership teams to come here?. If y...[/quote] You are truly mad, only Palace put in a bid for Ashton. If Spurs had a bid accepted do you still think he would be with us
  14. [quote]I''ve missed the point Campbell?. If that is the case, then you have lost touch with reality pal!. As other''s have said, we have the worst defence in the league, and are now joint bottom this morning...[/quote] An unattractive proposition for loan players?? YES Look at it from a players point of view, they would have to stay in a hotel hundreds of miles from home playing for a team you they have no great affection for. Nigel Worthington is the least charismatic of all the Premiership managers and it is not hard to see why we cannot attract loan players. It is easy for you Wiz to say get a couple of loan players in but it is nothing to do with the funds available we are just have no pulling power.
  15. I''m all for everyone being optimistic but we are second from bottom with the worst defence in the league, we have visits from Chelsea and Manure, trips to Palace, Soton and Arsenal. I am concentrating on not finishing bottom, at this stage with the squad we have would be an achievement in itself.
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