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  1. Can you clarify: are you having a go at Worthy or the board or the club with this thread? Perhaps you could introduce this information at the top of all your posts just so we know.   John Sheridan''s brother is called Darren.  Worthy played with John at Sheffield Wednesday. 
  2. at least ensure you don''t leave huge holes in your arguments. "This is a time of year when a lot of football people take their holidays, myself included" - Nigel Worthington.  This appears to be a factually correct statement. Clarke in and Thorne out - smells a bit like some football related transfer type business to me.  Surely a better point to this thread is that if Tottenham buy  another centre half then Davenport becomes more likely to leave.  Try and put a football spin on a thread for a change rather than turning a story about Martin Jol and West Brom into a chance to slag off Worthington.  Go on - I dare you!.    I remember Worthington saying there was nothing in the Damien Francis rumour 3 years ago - only to unveil him two days later. I might start a thread calling Worthington a two faced liar.  According to a rumour I''ve heard, if we hadn''t have signed Andy Hughes then Wembley would have been ready for the FA Cup Final.
  3. What a ridiculous thing to say. Irrelevant of any Worthy persuasion I thought it was the club people supported and not one person.   And it is KTF not KFT.  Arguments are always ruined by simple mistakes like that. By the way I am neither KTF or WO.  Que Sera Sera.
  4. Look at the words in the article, think about what they mean.  Then come back and tell the truth rather than spinning everything into something you can lambast the club with. If someone owed me £27million I might take an interest in them and secure the best way of getting my money back.  Norwich Union haven''t invetsed any extra they have waived there £3million interest in return for a 10% stake.  If you owed me money, rather than asking for some of it back I would simply come round and take a set of your car keys.   "Instead of repaying interest on its £27m debt to the insurance giant - who provided the capital to build the North and South Stands - for the next two years, Town are allowing the company to take an almost 10 per cent stake in the company. This effectively means Norwich Union have invested £3m into Ipswich Town in return for 10 per cent of the club. The deal makes the club''s major lender an interested party to the Blues achieving promotion to the Premiership, which in return means a far greater likelihood of getting its money back"
  5. Wrong - Greeno supports Woking, who were his local club.  He used to go and watch them and always states his goalkeeping hero as Lawrence Batty, their long serving, well built goalkeeper.
  6. Sunday''s game will be my last game as a season ticket holder as I am moving to Bermuda in June for a couple of years. I have been a supporter since birth in 1976 and went with varying degrees of off and on for my first 16 years, living 30 miles away at that age means you pretty much rely on parents, friends, etc. Although I do seem to remember seeing every home game in 85/86 for some reason. I got the train up to the Chelsea home game in August 1992 (the first one in the new Barclay) and this Sunday will make it 351 competitive games for me since then.  Annoyingly Norwich have played something like 704 competitive games since the start of that season so I got so close to the magic 50%!  I didn''t think that was a bad effort as I managed to go to University in Sheffield for 3 years in that time. Anyway enough emotion - I will be back to reclaim my season ticket in a few years. I will continue to keep an eye on this board and my mother and mate will carry on the halftime chocolate tradition in the lowere barclay in my abscence. I will be thinking of you all in August......when I will be playing beach volleyball wearing my new home shirt with pride. As much as this season has been rubbish I will be staying in the ground as long as possible - infact I want to be the last person out!    
  7. Have called Craig Fleming "Bob" for 9 years after the coughing gardener in the Fast Show.  ''ello there, Barb Fleming ''ere. In the Prem last season we had Bob and Bobby at centre half.  Fleming and Charlton.    When Damo first joined we called him the horse - due to the way he would break up play and go galloping forward over the half way line.  mmm, those where the days when midfielders did that.
  8. Which one is an opinion, which one is a prediction and which one......... In my opinion Curbishley should be the next manager of England. I think Curbishley will be the next manager of England. Curbishley will be the next England Manager.   People have to be careful which their languauge or their "opinions" seem like aggressive predictions......which can then be proved wrong.  Then they slate you for pointing out their "opinion" was wrong.   1st Wizard in November...."if worthington stays in charge we will be relegated and playing division 1 football, just look at Forest, etc, etc....." Opinion or prediction?  Wrong anyway! Before you get your pants in a twist I am in the Out club now - so don''t ruin your comeback with uninformed drivel. 
  9. According to the radio the team have spent all week training in the poxy green kit to try and help for real this saturday.   I am not really a KTF''er - but just like to see some fairness in any argument.
  10. What you fail to grasp contiually with the Ryan Jarvis debate is that he wasn''t required when we swanned to the title.  He was only 17 and was well down the queue behind Crouch, Huckerby, Leon, Svensson. The Premier season wasn''t the time to give him experience - it wasn''t a season long experiment. And he was still behind the same amount of proven strikers. This season he has spent 6 months injured and has only played about 4 times for the Reserves.   As for Danny Crow - he wasn''t going to get a look in in the Prem other than the injury crisis we had.  At the end of last season he was deemed a). not good enough and b). well down the queue.  Better for both parties that he moved on. Drewe Broughton, Akinbiyi and Cureton have all had decent careers at levels below the Premier.  Nobody witters on every week when they score a goal.  
  11. Because he is the shyest man in the world.
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner........."I gotta say I like that idea, but I''m personally nervous about making the players feel at fault....." That is pure genius.  Whatever you think of Worthington are you trying to tell me that some if not loads of the blame lays with the players? Every player in yellow has not performed up to their potential or CV this year.  A chunk of this is Worthingtons fault and a massive chunk is each individual players fault.    
  13. He only needs to have two touchs...each time he gets the ball, not in the whole match. I want him to show and receive the ball, control and pass.  Linking play all the time.  He doesn''t have to surge forward, he doesn''t have to hit raking passes, he doesn''t have to dribble. He is supposed to be comfortable on the ball and a good short passer - then show it. Shaun Carey was rubbish but he never shirked from always being available to receive the ball.  He would then pass it sideways and he got a nose bleed if he crossed the half way line but he always offered himself - allowing the rest of the team an option, keeping the ball on the ground and best of all keeping the ball.  Phil Mulryne the same.  So many flaws but hiding wasn''t one of them.   Safri can cover the back four in the Space Invader style, hiting 40 yard passes out wide. Or if Hughes is his partner then he can chase the ball, do the closing down and attempt the tackles. Robinson can show, control and move it on.  He doesn''t need to leave a central strip of grass 25 yards in the middle chunk of the pitch.  
  14. I will take it you are all joking.  Quick one touch football!  Why do you think the defenders launch it into space....because the midfield two are standing two yards in front of them or have turned there back and hidden behind the nearest opposition player.  Number of goals from central midfield this season anybody? If you are going to be a defensive midfielder then fine help improve the defending of the team - but we can''t have two of them. He should try and stop holding hands with Safri.      
  15. You are right, he is playing a different game to the rest.  He is playing hide and seek - without the seek.  He conveniently places himself behind the nearest opposition player to avoid having to get the ball. Either that or he is holding the end of the 10 yard skipping rope with Safri holding the other end, which seems to have an electric current passed through it if they get too close to the half way line. The midfield have been chuffing hopeless all season.    
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