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  1. [quote user="lucky green trainers"]lets be clear about it.  signing taylor was a ''no brainer.'' he was the proven, rational choice. with taylor on board, we enjoyed ''championship winning form.''  first time for 2 years.  so what do the ''prem ambitious'' board of NCFC do - fail to sign an integral cog in this success.  sure, brum and brady are not the easiest people to deal with - but leaving ego''s aside - i believe we should have taken everything on the chin and given them the dosh.  if taylor was genuinely interested,  it seems once again the board have refused the chance to speculate to accumulate, (on a bloody good bet) but are prepared to gamble on a potential risky venture in signing iliev!!!  why??? seems dumb. because as we all know, getting a squad to balance and that knows how to win and keeps winning is one hell of a job in this league - its a hard physical slog and so far every team in the division is guilty of inconsistency.  we had that squad with taylor here, and we choose to undo it. since taylor has left, although not losing, we''ve drawn too much, and this has stalled our progress up the table.  so although 2 places outa the bottom 3 - were only 2 points off it.  we''re the wrong side of xmas to slip into the bttom 3, its like fudging quicksand down there!!! in short we''re too close for comfort - a bad run of form could us back in the relegation scrap.  we''ve certainly got winnable games coming up in jan/feb - and we need to win our far share of them to be safe. roedy has chosen well so far, i''m hoping he''s spot on with iliev - but if he''s wrong, NCFC could pay a heavy price.  with city 5th from bottom - there''s no margin for error to allow the player to settle in - the bulgar has to play like a goodun from day one.  roedy is no fool, and is taking a calcuated gamble.  lets hope the boy is the real deal. personally, i believe taylor wasn''t whole heartedly committed to coming here, and if so, my aplogies to the board, and congrats to roedy for hopefully bringing a bargain here!!! [/quote]   Echoed, you speaketh truth.
  2. You all seem to forget that these loaned players will be returning to their respective clubs come the new year - Hucks will be very much needed, very soon!
  3. Shame on me, but i don''t have 100 years to wait. I don''t want one evening at City Hall, and an away fixture agiant Munich 10 years previous to be my only NCFC glory! When clubs like Reading, Fulham, Wigan can get up and stay up, it makes a loss against QPR all the more bitter.
  4. It''s happened for years now, seems to be a virus that Gary Holt left at Colney. It seems that they think they''re facing Cristiano, and are about to get skinned if they dive in, or at least get in the opponents face and force them to make a decision. As it is, even the poorest Championship players they face have lots of time to pick out passes and stay one step ahead.  You would think the manager would encourage some sort of inevitable success against the lower championship clubs advancing players?
  5. And if we''d have spent the money on players and were in the promotion spot, how much would that have netted us? I agree that the ground looks nice, but what happens on the green bit is very poor. If our board want a return on property investment to fund the clubs future, they should buy terraced houses in th golden triangle, and keep hold of players like Bently, Ashton, Green, Earnie.    
  6. I''d give my left nut, and my right arm to have Brucey back.  PG can clean his boots.
  7. What do you expect form a player that likes to run at defenders? The midfield service to the strikers was non-existent tonight.  Hucks would still net 15 a season with a good squad behind him.  I saw 2 through balls tonight, and 20 long balls.  
  8. I''m a season ticket holder, there for the good times, there for the bad.  Tonight was the worst football i''ve seen NCFC play as far as back as i can remember.  No confidence, no finesse, a team beaten by themselves. I''ve seen better approach play on Breckland park on a Sunday. I''m a reader, not a poster, but the time has come for me to speak, and renounce my loyalty to PG.  I liked what he had to say this time last year, but he hasn''t produced anything near our expectations. I appreciate the injuries he''s had to deal with, but the players on the pitch tonight looked like a relegated side - the long ball, the panic in defence, the lack of midfield stability, lack of spark up front. WE URGENTLY NEED A NEW MANAGER TO INSTILL SOME POSITIVITY IN OUR PLAYERS. I wasn''t at the Scunthorpe game, and I won''t be going to the Bristol game.  The Scum are laughing their asses off, and will surely beat us in the derby game to come, given the mentailty of the players at this point in time. Either that or it will the game that shifts our form for the better. PALACE AREN''T AFRAID TO BOOT THE ENGLAND U21 MANAGER BECAUSE OF POOR RESULTS. BE BRAVE. NCFC FOREVER!  BRING JEWEL IN NOW!!!      
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