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  1. So, here we are so wrapped up in gloom, doom and despondencey that we cannot even welcome a newby to the Board and one from ''over the pond'' too. Welcome Cecil, it''s usually better than this; it''s just a few New Year sore heads and the annual debacle at Palace to deal with. Keep posting....this is actually a friendly site.
  2. I Granty nexts sticks a few F''s into Waller he will become my all time hero.
  3. Are you pulling my strings? Who cares if City entertain away from home as long as they ground out results? Sounded like Sunderland weren''t exactly going for it and 0-0 would have been a good result. Try to look at the bigger picture please.
  4. I hate it when we lose and I don''t like it when we fail to create but at least we competed rather than failed to turn up. More of this and we WILL get away results.
  5. I still think we can get something out of this game despite going a goal down....get at them City!
  6. I like Norwich away performances like this. Can we hope for another Birmingham or West Brom? Keep it tight and take the chance when it comes. Do your jobs boys and OTBC!
  7. 1). Referees are always liable to make errors. 2). John Terry doesn''t run the game.
  8. This thread should have been titled: ''I can''t change my mind again, however.....''
  9. The diference is Kevin: ''other investment.'' Norwich also attract support disporportionate to their population but they cannot attract wealthy and high paying sponsors or Board members.
  10. I assume Worthington''s pay off came with a gagging clause.
  11. Roy Waller: ''good save, this time, from Lee Camp.'' Have I missed something, did we switch goal keepers?
  12. Just had a set-back though, Tom. Let''s hope the die isn''t cast tonight and the team can improve.
  13. What is it with the usual chioce of warm up songs? They just don''t generally appeal. What we need are some cheesy warm up songs for a bit of fun and motivation. Remember ''Daydream Believer'' and supporters singing along to it? You don''t hear many singing to ''500 miles'' or that Samba tune do you? We need a bit of Abba, Village People, Black Lace etc...you know, the sort of stuff that has your Granny flashing her drawers at a family bash. How about a bit of 70''s mix for the majority of the crowd? It''s coming up to Christmas...the perfect time to try something different to create a party atmosphere.
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