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  1. Good grief blahblahblah, for someone with such a dodgy username you do talk some sense ;~)
  2. No probs Shrimp! Gosh, that''s the first time someone''s called one of my posts nice and compact ;~)
  3. I saw him in training this morning and he looks very fit. He''s was quick and fast on the turn. Certainly doesn''t play like a 37 year old has been! Jarvis spent most of the session with him and they seemed to be getting on like a house on fire. There''s a lot to be learned from someone with his experience. As long as he plays like he trained, it''s a win-win situation ;~)
  4. If you guys think that this board is becoming a tool of the WO brigade, take a look at the official site!
  5. He''s trying to keep up with the game but pigeons are slow these days...
  6. You know how it is Pete, our team need all the cash they can get!
  7. The only legal way to listen if you''re outside Norfolk is on Canaries World. Go to www.canaries.co.uk for more info
  8. Oh well, 1 - 1. Maybe it''ll be a different story tonight because we scored first?
  9. To go up we need a 2 point per game average. That is the only fact.
  10. Perfect signing in my opinion. He''s not going to cost a fortune and is cover for Ads while he''s getting used to the trials and tribulations of parenthood. No doubt if we hadn''t signed a (versatile) left-back there would be moans and groans when the bleary eyes start to show after a few late nights.
  11. I''ve never understood how ''fans'' can boo their own players. Criticise when appropriate, yes. But boo, never. Lack of confidence ran rife through our club last year, the last thing we need this time is more of that garbage.
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