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  1. His playing history was there to be seen when the Club signed him . We took him on loan and then signed him with a knee injury . I could not understand it at the time but at least he was cheap !
  2. Exactly the type of player we needed yesterday. Really disappointed in the the clubs communication with the fans, Surely they could have the decency to let the fans know what is going on. Let''s hope the recovery goes well!
  3. That wil be him I was told the name Jérôme was heard.
  4. I''ve changed my profile pic to the photo but the quality is poor .
  5. Was in Gunn Club having a meal before match with his agent. I was told he spoke French but not sure on that. I have a copy of a photo but cannot find out how to post it on here.
  6. Just upgraded a concession to Adult over the phone. Apparently the bar code is upgraded.
  7. Spot on with this post! I think with of previous results there was too high an expectancy to win the match, they did give us problems with the long ball and this is a very ngood result going into the home leg. The defence was not tight enough and too easily let players drift off. I''m sure AN will have this sorted for the home leg. We did play a more direct game at times also. Totally agree that is the best the have to throw at us and we will give them a totally different threat next week.
  8. Just a couple of thoughts on winning away... Firstly can the team take the same work ethic into Sunday''s game ? Secondly I think our slow build up play has been the main reason we have struggled to score goals. Last Sunday we did attach with pace and created chances. Not sure how or who should drop out but really do think we should have Hooper, Howson, Hoolahan and Redmond starting. Difficult I know with most players deserving their places in the squad atm but if we are going to see goals other than from set pieces we do need these attaching options.
  9. Last 9 league games 6 draws lost 2 won 1. If we had 40 points at this stage everyone would be happy with that!!... Don''t get dragged down by the tension get behind the team and have confidence that we will see a different line up and approach to matches next season!
  10. Great summary !! Totally agree far too slow in the final third and the lack of movement off the ball let us down big time!
  11. [quote user="Joanna Grey"]http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/forums/2856057/ShowPost.aspx[/quote] ?
  12. Will be interesting to see how many of those 6000 Luton fans make the extra £5 donation? Think it might be a case of the will take our money but a bit more reluctant with theirs! End of the day it will be a full house and great atmosphere and best for both parties.
  13. Lets be honest how many referees do know the the laws of the game ? Seems to me its about interpretation, who is playing and which side of the bed the ref. get out of (or Fergie kicks them out of!!) Appeal for everything or you will get nothing!
  14. I think the two are completely different. There is no question with Bunn''s attitude or commitment and difficult to see where he has let us down. The goal at WBA he was clearly fowled and against Man C he was badly exposed(reluctant to say it not Bassong''s best game) Rob Butler clearly sticks the knife in at every opportunity and this has not helped! Probably the best Morison has played before coming off at the weekend but without comparing him to anyone the problem is his attitude and work rate especially when we are up against it and need the effort most!
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