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  1. [quote user="we8wba"] im also wondering how your 10 people also got back so fast from barnsley? is it local derby? because you all seem back very fast maybe try and support your own club firstly then slag higher teams off. [/quote] At my sister''s, she lives near Selby in North Yorkshire, the game was good thanks we8wba, now flicking through my programme from todays game! Don''t automatically assume none of us have been to the game, you might just end up with egg on your face, and we dont want that do we?
  2. Agreed, we really want to be scoring a lot of goals on Tuesday night, no disrespect to Bury, they deserve nothing but 100% respect after their performance at the Carra, but I get the feeling scoring four or five will really boost our confidence and come at a good time, with us due to face Leicester at home only four days later.  
  3. Most of the callers/texts that came in suggested that the fans thought we could do a "Palace" and still reach the play offs this season. So I raise the question: Can we?
  4. [quote user="......and Smith must score."] I would say there''s more chance of me ending up at St James'' Park..... [/quote]   Earlier today, I applied for the vacant post at St James'' Park. I will keep you all informed of my response in due course.
  5. After that result and performance, I''m more than willing to jump on the positive bandwagon, as I do believe the way we are going, we''re going to finish well abouve the drop zone this season, and have a solid, perhaps exciting play off push next season! We''re coming together now as a team, and with a few more quality signings which we know Roeder is more than capable, who knows???
  6. Sign him up, we''re looking for a target man aren''t we?  
  7. He and Rusty are definately proving to be very effective in the middle of the park, and long may it last! Fozzy has been a bargain buy for us, it''s one thing I think we must say Grant did do right, and I for one am bloody glad he signed him!
  8. we8wba has no right to come on this board and slag us off like he does at the moment, the way its going, his team should be taking a leaf out of our book. Now, we8wba, KISS MY FEET!    
  9. [quote user="Yella_Forever"]   "3-1 win for us I reckon, got to go for Fozzy, Doc and Evans to bag the goals.   Score correct!!! scorers wrong my friend!!!!! GET IN!!!!!!!! [/quote] I''m just delighted to get the score right, the two scorers I got correct are a bonus!! OTBC!!
  10. My prediction earlier (see page one) "3-1 win for us I reckon, got to go for Fozzy, Doc and Evans to bag the goals. COME ON YOU YELLA''S!" Just thought I''d bring this up...      
  11. [quote user="kick it off"] RETURN OF THE CHED-I.... Come on City, let''s beat them now....we love you norwich, we do.... [/quote] Hang your head in shame and grab your coat, sir!
  12. Agreed with London Canary, it''s just to show they still value him highly and they want the required asking price, which won''t happen, McLeish wants him off and wants the money, we''re just going to have to be patient and wait until they can''t hold it any longer and accept our bid.  
  13. Sounds as if we''re being outplayed by a nothing more than average Barnsley team, worrying start it has to be said. The one positive I can pick out according to the commentary is that we''re attacking and making chances... Same old case of can''t shoot by the sounds of it...    
  14. 3-1 win for us I reckon, got to go for Fozzy, Doc and Evans to bag the goals. COME ON YOU YELLA''S!    
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