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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/c/colchester_united/8715286.stm   Hope this clears things up.
  2. Thanks Lambert, it was always going to happen, he probably feels he has taken us as far as he can with the budgets he had to work with, he is doing to us what we made him do to CUFC. What goes around come around. Holt on the other hand is a greedy little $%it, don''t let him go, let him rot, make him train on his own, this a bloke that was idolised, he ''s just like all the rest of football, he would do well to be reminded where he was and where his career was going before we bought him. So long Lambert, FO Holt you greedy wa%&3R.
  3. Well the way your original post read, that is the way I and most other people would interpret it. For somebody who has been or is being university educated, according to your profile, you don''t appear to have a grasp on english or are that bright. Just try to engage that organ in your head, you know the one that is supposed to be between your ears before you respond to posts in the future. Sorry, I''m being judgemental like you were in your first response, sinking to your level. I know I''ll wait for your response and retract this post saying ''I am now chilled''. Good bye, it will now be another two years before I post again. Thank you for turning me away from this message board.
  4. Yes indeed it is my first post and............... I''ll give you a little information alysha. I have been a season ticket holder since 1997 when Delia took over from Robert Chase, I was a season ticket before then but due to work commitments and moving to Newcastle for 10 years to live and work I had to give it up. On moving back to Suffolk I re-newed my season ticket, when my two boys were both four they got season tickets, they are now 7 and 9, they have had every kit since they were old enough. We did not give our season ticket rebate back to the club when we were relagated to Div 1. This does not make me or my family any better or worse than anyother supporter of Norwich City. The reason for the post was to inform the people who have ordered the shirts for delivery and who work, that their shirts will be on the way not to allow certain members to bash me because I have not posted on this site. I now realise why I have never posted before as it has left me open to certain elements of this board to sprout their sarcastic purile rubbish at me and wasting my time responding to them. Maybe just by posting this you will think in future before being so judgemental and having a go at people. Also for your information yes, I do LOVE this kit as you put it and so do my children as they have LOVED previous shirts.
  5. Just got delivery of the new shirts I ordered for my two boys. Don''t care what anybody thinks of it, We think it looks brilliant, especially with the Premier logo on the badges.
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