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  1. Surely it won''t be Curbishley as he said he wouldn''t manage outside the premieir league. I''m hoping it''s not Ince. If it is Gunn fingers crossed that they''ve got a couple of really good coaches to assist him.
  2. No, no and more no!!   The question is, If we buy all the players we need to strengthen the squad and spend less them £5 million, will smudge''s protest still go ahead? Surely it''s not about how much you spend, more to do with what you spend it on.
  3. To be fair, when he first cam he was lacking match fitness and was probably very low on morale, like the rest of the players. 
  4. Sutton Flecky Iwan Bellamy Robins With Ekuko, Cureton, Ward, Ashton and Earnie not far behind!!   In Darren Beckford''s defence, what he''d lacked in front of goal he made up for when he was in goal!  
  5. [quote user="FramCanary"] We must always cash in on players when their value is at a peak - and ensure that a good portion of the proceeds are spent on younger players of obvious potential. A tried & tested method of self-sufficiency for clubs like ours. Ordinarily we would be tempted to sell Earnie & re-invest maybe £3m to £4m on squad improvement. But with the £7m parachute monies this is not necessary but may still have been the better of the options given how thin & sub-standard the majority of our squad is. Earnie was sure to be worth more in 1/07 than at the end of the season. [/quote]   Are you suggesting that we should sell Earnie?  And any other player just because they''re are worth something?  Surely the better footballing idea would not to sell off your best players and to try and build a succesful team around them and make your money that way?   And before you have a go, I am not a Delia fan, but I see her as the lesser of two evils.
  6. To jog your memory a bit, a little story! In 1992 after Dave Stringer had ''left by mutual consent'', we came very close to getting Phil Neal as our new manager.  As i remember, Mr Chase was a fan of how he managed Bolton for a long time and not spent much money.  After Neal decided a trip to Norwich was far too far to travel every day, Mr Chase went for the cheaper & easier option of promoting our reserve team manager, Mike Walker. I''m sure Mr Chase, along with rest of us, would never of dreamed of the exciting 18 months to follow - so I wouldn''t really credit him with any part of out footballing sucess in that period.  After one very successful season in charge, Mike Walker wanted an extension to his contract as it was only for 2 years, Mr Chase said he''d discuss it later.  After we had our Uefa cup run, Mike Walker asked again and got the same reply, so he went for a bit of job secrurity and probable a lot extra cash and went to Everton.  We got John Deehan & Gary Megson and relegated and haven''t come anywhere close to that success since. I''m not saying we could''ve had it all if Walker had never gone, but I''m guessing it would have been a hell of a lot better than it is now!!
  7. I''m not a fan of Delia and Jones for many reasons.  The whole wanting to be like Charlton when we went up was very worrying, surely Bolton or Portsmouth are better to aim, insted of a team always in the lower half of the table but are finacially stable!! Another problem I have with Delia, is living in the midlands if you mention Norwich City, the first thing they say to you is ''Let''s Be Having You'' and believe me there is only so many times you can look amused by that!! the complete lack of ambition of sticking with Worthy when things were going from bad to worse wasn''t very good either. they have done a lot for the club, to be fair.  Delia''s catering bit does make the club money and the pie''s are a lot nicer than they used to be.  And of course we have the nice Polish flats in the car park!   As for Mr Chase, he knocked down the Barclay, he said Chris Sutton wasn''t for sale and then he put him up for auction, he wouldn''t give Mike Walker a longer contract so he left, he gave Gary Megson the mangers job twice - which in turn got us relegated in the first place, he lied to Martin O''Neill so he left, and when he did finally leave we found out that even though he had spent the best part of ten years selling off the silverwear, we were completly broke and close to going out of business!!! Plus also, since Delia''s been in charge, i''ve not come close to being trampled by a police horse. To conclude, my answer is Geoffrey Watling!  
  8. [quote user="oh huckerby"] a born leader, club captain!   [/quote] Too right!! After watching him on saturday it made me wonder why the silent Drury and Doc have been given the armband.  I think we should start a campaign now - Dion for captain!!
  9. Derby or Forest.  I llike easy trips on the train!!!    
  10. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="USAcanary"] At one time we held the record for selling the most 1 million+ players than any other team in football.   [/quote] And I bet at that time we had never paid 1 million for a player. It''s always been that way, even in the succesful times.   [/quote]   From memory, which isn''t good at the best of times, we sold our fisrt million pound player in the early 80''s and signed our fist in around 94/95 (Jon Newsome?)  and tha was our record fee paid until we signed Deano for £3 million.
  11. [quote user="Black sheep TFC"]   However, as you have purchased tickets in a segregated home area, I hope you will not even attempt to wear your colours or raise your voices in support for Norwich, as your journey will be wasted and your day cut short by being ejected from the Lamb. [/quote]   Don''t worry, i''ve been living in Burton for the last five years so I know how some Tamworth fans can be!!  
  12. [quote user="Sherlock Holmes"] I''m going to spend most of the morning praying that the players don''t humiliate themselves on national television. [/quote]   Make that international television!!!
  13. A quick update on our ticket situation..... My dad popped into the Lamb on his way home from work on the 22nd and picked 6 tickets in the home end!!    
  14. Just a quick note on how our Club is run........   My mum phoned the box office on wednesday to get a ticket for the Tamworth match.  She was told that she couldn''t have one as they were only on sale to members and as she was a season ticket holder she should have made a written application for one.  She argued that as a season ticket holder, she was also a member, but the box office wouldn''t budge.  So now my dad is going to the Lamb on the way home from work tomorrow to get a a ticket for him and me mum (and hopefilly me!!) because Norwich won''t sell them a ticket! And yes, she is complaining directly to Mr Doncaster.   Bit like the old chase days isn''t it!
  15. Chris Martin gets into the 1st team, will we start coming out to Yellow?
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