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  1. Overall i believe the fans have alot to answer to, we were in an excellent position under the leadership of Worthington, yes he was boring at times, yes he appeared to make some strange tactical choices, but he did get us promoted and gave this club hope and an expectation. we need to remember we are not a "big" club and never will be unless some thing drastic happens. It all went wrong when Worthington signed Dion, why are we signing a "has been" was said,(rubbish signing!!!!!) instead of giving him the benifit of the doubt every thing from then on was critised, and things escaleted from there, i still believe to this day that the "speady eddie" of worthington we would be in a far better position and even a premiship club, or at least be at the right end of the table. But i do maintain Doncaster should have left his post in the time, and do not believe he has helped any manager.  
  2. Yes as a member of this football club, No as a manager of the football club
  3. In my eyes there is 1 real problems at this club which i have said for years, thats Neil Doncaster. We have sold assests at the club to move backwards We have more debt than ever before The players that are signed all need to be sanctaned by Doncaster, who''s to say all the managers wanted "quality" and Donky was looking at short term cost He has taken us to 2 relegation (i cant believe any boss would keep such incopetant people, let along on his wages!!!) Applied for another post at the FA during his stay here,  (Loyality to the cause!!!!) He must have Delia eating out of his hands, its amazing how far you can get if you say the reight things, look at a roeder, he said we were one of the best 25 clubs in the country got the job and he was a useless twat, who ultimatly ripped the heart out of the club, he even sacked a ever present kit man!! I hope Donky takes a 20% pay cut if he stays!!!!!!!!!!! i think we will see flighing pigs first. Delia has loyalty and heart she just needs the guidance of someone who has aspirations for the club not themselves.  
  4. I will always back the manager after all he is managing the club we all support however, a home game against a play off contender and lossing!! The fact is a point was settled for after 60 min and to me this is not a sign of a team going to get promoted at all. given the fact i go to every single game home and away and have done for some time i find it had to believe we will get points on the road making the loss even more problematic. with this approach i have already consided another season in the champonship unless something changes fast, which i really hope it does. please learn some lessons worthy. not many miles to do this week is there!!!!!!!!!!!! away win please.
  5. i went past at 2.30 and only saw 25 wanting worthy out and 2 men with a bit of paper for a pertition, then after the game 11, not even half!!!!! i respect there wishes if that is what they/you think but at least stand by what you think, and do not be fickel and then call yourself a fan. another example many people by me today chanting worthy out soon as they scored, then again for the second then have the cheek too celabrate when we score and i quote from one fan ''i know we would win''. please leave all negativity outside the ground and support the team inside. please please please this is the last thing the players need going in to the summer, and if we win our next two games with what conferdence is left with the players after todays anticts we can inish 7th! not a bad first season from the prem. see you all at cardiff worthingtons green army
  6. how about us lot at the back at hull? how dear you insult us, we all work hard to watch our club home and away week in week out whatever the weather and result.  i bet you were at lowly clubs like port vale, stockport and grimsby. your  the **** fan prob fickel to.  
  7. in responce yes sorry forgot about Drury, however the others barly played half a season between them other than Ashton, but boy he was commited to norwich''s couses this season.!!!
  8. Looking at the table and resent form we can still finish high in the table and finish respectively with worty at the helm. Bearing in mind the considrable changes in the team from last season (green and hucks the only two who remain) we need to accept we are not going to go straight back up the team has still got to gell. all you against worty need to find positives, newall as manager? how far ahead are Luton would you be chanting him out now? The glass is always half full!! In recent years there has been stability within the team, management and fans, promotion year we had a strong core ie. green, fleming,malky,holt,mulryn,francis,iwan as we did in the play off year but that team took time to establish itself to get us promoted, succsess does not come overnight. with such changes in key positions i honestly did not expect us to reach top 6 if i am honest. Build for a strong future, sort out the wheat from the chaff this season and build a strong championship squad over the next 6 months. i say the board and managmnt upon the sale of ashton should have said we will push for top 6 but will will not spend silly money, i would rather us of invested in players like Halford a long term solution and a poss buisness investment (like ashton) rather than pay high wages for players on the fringes of prem teams who give us no long term stability (just plug gaps). we can fill gaps with players such as splean, shackell and jarvis *2 and let them gain experince. and look long term not just to please fans in the short term. I also think stability will make us stronger in the long term, managers like jewell at wigan,curbishly at chalton, robson at wba,and pardew at west ham, have all been through bad spells and are now sronger for it and learnt hard lessons to get where they are now, so why let another team benifit from the experiance worthy is now gaining?  hay i want to go to Colchester and Southend next year anyway. ( it saves on the travelling!!)
  9. no action taken from what i saw apart from 5 min after there goal with about 200 singing worty out. i support the man personally but we all have our own views. my opion is he needs more support from the likes of foley, or promote Williams to bring in some fresh ideas and improve moral, a form of togetherness needs to be reastablished from everyone who works and supports norwich city fc.  hope we get a better result tuesday!!!!  
  10. you really are a ****. how dear you say im not a fan. did you go to port vale? prob not you prob wernt intrested then. what an insult. let me guess your also a collector and go to all the autions!!!! what about the agms? travel to all of NORWICH CITYS games and even no some of the club personal.??? So have you renewed your season ticket for next year yet, and waiting for the away one??? if you look in last sat proggramme you will even find me in there because i was one of 44 or so fans who went on an offical tour to Plymouth. NOT A FAN INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  11. WIND UP!!!!!!!! what are you on man? are you calling me a hooligan now as well? (I would get your facts right first if you are) you must be mad i go to every single norwich game thats home and AWAY because i support the team and manager whatever the reults, i would of taken 10 or 12th in the leauge 5 years ago or can you not remenber going to grounds like PORT VALE and losing heavly? T he only rason you are all complaining is because WORTHY has brought us some sucsses and we all want more of it. I SUPPORT WORTHY AND THE BOARD AND ALWAYS WILL.
  12. Fleming ever present, has passion,commitment and stands up to be counted when it matters.
  13. no, but it would not do any harm. im not blaming fans.  FAR FROM IT. I go every week and no the core of fans, but niggaling at them all the time i think through frustration and now the high expectations that WORTHY has now given us we all want more. please remember where we were when he took over and our expectations then.  at least let him finish this season. 
  14. me i done it after the game yesterday, now waiting for away season ticket renawal form and a brighter season next year.
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