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  1. Didnt David Nielsen plan a celebration away to Manchester City. By the way, HE SCORED.
  2. Has anyone heard anything else on this hungarian pulla-geeza-squeeza?
  3. Like last year, FOURFOURTWO magazine are doing several Coca Cola awards. The main one last year was ''50 best players Coca Cola players''. I believe Sidwell won this awrd last year, but who will win it this year. Deano (Not windass, Saunders or Sinclair) would of been in the running, but who else of Norwich could win it. I beleieve we will get around 3 players in the top 50. I reckon Jagielka, Sidwell, Andy Johnsen, Idiakez, Jarrett and Koumas will fight it out for first place.   What do everyone else think?
  4. The only one of these i would be tempted to do is the white hankies. This would be qualty. Maybe we should have a hooligan fan run up to him with a ripped up season ticket (then beg for it back at the next home match).
  5. Norwich have had 88 inujuries compared to 20 in their promotion season. Maybe this is why we a re doing sooooo bad. Surely they should try and change their training intensity and frequency. Reading have only had 12, on course to beat our record. [:@]
  6. Well punk, who do you actually support then huh
  7. Nope i could never slate a fellow poster, although Rankin sometimes annoys me.
  8. Matt Elliott- Strong, good in the air. Tony Cottee- Great last time he was here. Spencer Prior- Great last time he was here. Steve Walsh- Also great last time he was here. Gerry Taggart- Big and strong. So as you can see, a great imporvement of our squad.  
  9. The point of buying a new striker is to score goals.[;)]
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