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  1. Jeremy Goss: scoring at Bayern Munich
  2. Always suspected the term is derived from ''charver''; a description of the same little scrotes, that has been in use in the North East for a lot longer. For info, see the excellent ''Charver Central'' website (http://www.newcastlestuff.com/charver/)
  3. Oops sorry, next time I''ll read the post above before echoing it...
  4. The money from a little cup run would be handy; and the confidence boost of a win tonight would surely do the team good
  5. Hello and welcome Quite a few Northerners on here it seems!
  6. Gutted of course. Living in the north east, it looks like most of my workmates will be feeling the same soon enough. Gutted. ''nuff said.
  7. Tynemouth. Been here for 20 odd years. Wear the shirt regularly. A lot of the geordies still say "Aye, didn''t you beat the mackems at Wembley in ''85?" And yes, I was there. A regular on the Barclay in the 80s
  8. I''m not one for optimism but YESSSSS!Not down yet
  9. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]lol Cupcake you aren''t alone, i''m playing bejewelled to kill my nerves [:)][/quote]   Playing guitar (badly) to kill mine
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