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  1. I wouldnt say we got the best of the three but the best 1 avaliable! Apparently Sutton has recently had an operation and isnot even fit so why people have been moaning that we must sign him I dont know.. dublin will offer us a different outlet to earnie so that must be a good thing a little less predictable!!
  2. I am interested to know what quality of loan signings people think are likely to be available this time around? Any hucks out there waiting for a loan? We must be thinking about the players required if a stricker is to be on loan are they going to be any good?
  3. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] Lee dixon also questioned Leons Attitude citing it as the reason he was sold by the baggies... i remmeber mentioning that at the time we signed him... although as he is older now im sure he has matured with age jas :) [/quote] Leons hey? Its right though if he was a prem quality stricker he would have no problem scoring home or AWAY for us in this division would he? dont get me wrong I think he could do a job in the prem but only to the same extent as Zamora or carlton cole
  4. There is surely no reason why he wouldn''t sign on a pay as you play deal its not like he is doing anything else is it. I cant see it anyway....   rumour has it diego tristan was spotted at colney   bout as much chance of that as us resigning Sutton
  5. oh yeah why not he cant win a game with a squad worth 150 million what is he going to do here????????????????????????????
  6. yeah so sky sports said he is a good centre half solid
  7. I realise that we have raided the load market for JJ who can play right mid but does any1 else still see this as a problem area for us?? I think Agathe just released from Celtic could well be the solution to our right side woes...
  8. In fairness momo sylia never looked good in scotland. but de vries was good and maybe its the team and not him because he was fantastic against spurs.. look at kenny miller he was never as prolific in scotland as riordan is but u would have him in your team 300k has to be worth a pop..
  9. Riordan would be a fantastic buy i think but i have seen him play and thompson from hibs to je is a good young talent
  10. Cheers i liked the signature.
  11. Why may I ask is all the attention on Jerome from cardiff? surely the likes off Riordan or O''Conner from hibs represent better player for the money options. Also if Green goes thats more money to spend on improving the midfield because we have already 2 other international keepers in the squad. These player we sign dont have to be championship based worthy you can use your scouts...  
  12. I think Ian Crook would be a fantastic replacement he is at least someone with his heart in the club....
  13. He is free and has alot of pedigree for goal scoring just needs a chance since his bike accident. must be worth at least a trial......
  14. I dont know why this started but Matt jansen is the 1 that should be talked about as he is free that must be the way to go!!
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