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  1. I think the "big" teams (City, Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs) will be the top 5 again but of the next level I see both Everton and Stoke having a massive downward turn. Martinez and Hughes both relegate teams - and are both rewarded with "bigger" jobs. Makes no sense.
  2. Not in the prem any more but Le Fondre at Reading scored double figures I believe, often playing as a sub, in a terrible Reading team so he must be able to do a job for someone yet haven''t seen his name linked with any moves.
  3. Tom Cleverley seems to be first name on the England team sheet and I can''t for the life of me work out why. Doesn''t pass like Carrick, score like Lampard, charge about like Gerrard, win the ball like Parker, have unreliable creativity like "the Ox" what does he bring. Please someone tell me.
  4. sorry if this has been covered recently but...... when was the last time we made a "dodgy" signing. I know that Harry Kane and James Vaughan are "not proven yet" coz of injury but as for an actual dud the only one I can recall recently was de Laet.   And is this purely down to the judgement of Mr Hughton and the last manager whose name escapes me just now but I seem to remember he did ok, or is there someone else at the club who most people don''t know about that we need to be really grateful to?  
  5. Why is it that last year Sebastian Bassong joined a lower table team with a poor defence and had basically zero impact, whereas this year he has joined a lower table team with a poor defence and not only looks world class but seems to make everyone else a far better player too?   Interested in any thoughts, as it raises the wider issue of why quite a lot of players are brilliant in place a and rubbish in place b.  
  6. Two points here from someone who also follows Southend.   Freddie Eastwood will NOT come to Norwich. Why would he leave a Championship side that he is local to, has been promoted twice in two seasons and has admittedly little chance of going up this year to go to a club he has no connection with that is stagnating and his little chance of going up this year  - let''s be honest. In any case, even if he did want to come he''d cost an absolute fortune.     And as for what did "feed the goat" do, well he came to play for Southend coz noone else wanted an old man and he scored many useful goals and sent them up. Admittedly from league 1 but generally people who can score in league 1 can score in the championship.   
  7. I couldn''t agree more.   In the absence of Rooney the options are: Darren Bent/ Jermaine Defoe - not good to play with Owen Emile Heskey / James Beattie - have these people ever seen these guys play   Joe Cole - bit of a risk, keep him left midfield   Peter Crouch - good at dropping deep, holding the ball up, bringing others into play   Dean Ashton - as for Peter Crouch but a better finisher in my view. For me Dean Ashton is starting to look the complete striker now, and the closest we have to Teddy Sheringham in his prime. Dean Ashton must go to the world cup and be in the starting eleven. 
  8. Anorak time. By my reckoning since summer 2003 Worthy has signed 31 players: Francis, Edworthy, Briggs, Brennan, Hammond, Huckerby, Crouch, McKenzie, Svensson, Harper, Cooper, Ward, Gallacher, Charlton, Helveg, Jonson, Bentley, Safri, Ashton, Doherty, Stuart, Louis-Jean, Colin, Davenport, Etuhu, Robinson, Marney, Jarrett, Hughes, Thorne, Lisbie.   IMHO 13 of those could be deemed a success: Francis, Edworthy, Huckerby, Crouch, McKenzie, Svensson, Harper, Cooper, Charlton, Bentley, Safri, Ashton and Davenport.   The others are either failures or unproven as yet.   Do people think this is good enough? No one gets it right all the time Ferguson - Djemba-djemba, Forlan, Kleberson Wenger - Jeffers   Although what is concerning is that there appears to be a real decline in the quality of the signings.
  9. Charlton have been linked with Ashton. If we got Lisbie, Johanson and Holland plus money that wouldn''t be so bad would it?   Also does anyone know anything about De La Cruz at Villa. International defender desperate for a new club but I''ve never seen him play.   Clearly we need more numbers in midfield but where can you find a quality midfielder without spending serious money. I actually can''t think of a better option than acquiring lots of hughes, robinson etc. some of them will click and some of them won''t.
  10. 7 million or thereabouts plus Jason Roberts would be OK but that''s not happening is it? Although they did let Ellington go so you never know
  11. Being 4-0 down at half time against Luton was just awful, and the no-show at Derby just left me feeling numb.
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