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  1. What a surprise LSD is on one again. The sooner the better I agree it''s painful, also it''s making McNice look hesitant either back him publicly or F**k him off!
  2. Yes it is hard to understand AT 3-0 down very hard to understand in fact
  3. Oh do STFU monkey boy!!!! Go have some more tabs of LSD and trip that life''s all rosey
  4. Must be a banner especially those who still love him LDC and co, they bang the who-ton drum in much the same way we would\did when Keane was in charge of the muppet''s down the road..........this can be the only reason to still stand by that pr1ck
  5. Oh dear Joanne are you struggling to move on from Lambert bless your heart. It does make me laugh that the ones who used to cry about anyone mentioning his name ARE now the ones to bring his name up every two minutes when the agenda suits of course
  6. Wahayyy hogesar also appears to of woke up from his 18month dream of how great we''ve been Yawnnn, also where''s the (unt who said only 5% of fans want him out yesterday or the day before, can''t find him or BUH for that matter. Only sing when we''re winning springs to mind f**king cockroaches
  7. Do you think we would be the team that he up-roots his family for??? I certainly don''t and I''m a supporter ffs
  8. Making plans- WHAT 14 games????!!!!??? You only been following us for a few months then yeah??? 18 months 60 bloody games more like
  9. Hear hear Tom C... it will just fall on deaf ears as if who-ton grabbed a canaries flag and wiped his arse on it some on here lsd,nutty,monty etc would just say "poor chris he had the squits it''s all he could do" same 5hit same blinded fans same (unt in charge
  10. HOW many times.... solskar will not come except for man u job WHILE his kids are settled in school there, it''s been done to the death on here yet people keep bringing his name up time and time and time and time again. just let it sink in people
  11. He''s an attacking manager who (please sit down inners) plays attacking football and gets results AGAINST BIG TEAMS WOWWW see it is possible why so many seem to of forgot that when we were doing it 3years ago, just shows the short memory of some mother f**kers on here
  12. I''m just waiting for the bellend to play 3 goal keepers and 8 defenders against anyone in the top 15 of the league
  13. "We need to improve on the pitch obviously" well f**k me have you finally awoken LSD???
  14. You misses the T when writing your name at the end of your title. Much appreciated MrMcGoo xx
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