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  1. [quote user="We need a Manager"]You may be a thinker Blahblahblah but if you think McKenzie is any great shakes you dont think much about football . McKenzie was at Peterboro just like Crow is now , only difference is they got Crow for free and the CLOWN paid good money for the headless chicken that is Leon Mckenzie.[/quote] Hehehe I like you.
  2. I am fed up with the same old Nigel moaning, but who''s fault is it, certainly not anybody that moans, it is the fault of the nugget himself for not resigning and most of all, THE BOARD They have played us for fools for long enough and as long as the money is rolling in they do not care if we moan at Nigel Worthingblah. Just as Nigel used Foley as a scapegoat, should we start giving the board hell they would need one, NIGEL. Thats right, it is the only way to get him out. Not just say "well we''re a bit upset with this" we need to be saying "The board are a useless bunch of spineless swines who have taken advantage of the fans" They have P***** on us the last couple of seasons and I want none of it. We need to give them hell, now! Its either this or watch your club drift into the sea of mediocrity and remain there forevermore.
  3. I find it more funny that Lyn Oslo, a tiny club have just got £4million from it. How long before they win their league?
  4. I always value your opinions hugely and your commitment to the msgboard is unquestionable, however i understand your decision to have a break. I personally want a break from club football... hmmm how can i get a break.... THE WORLD CUP Enjoy your break and i await seeing the dragon again eagerly.
  5. A thread about banning Danny Crow threads is a Danny Crow thread nonetheless. Hipocrit.
  6. If Leeds do they''ll deserve it. Add Norwich to the list of relegation candidates you could well be right.
  7. [:''(] What is happening at our football club I am so upset. We need him gone there is NO ALTERNATIVE. We are in big trouble, I am considering sticking a tenner on us to get relegated as we look like it at the moment, another Sheffield Wednesday or Bradford or Notts Forest. Martin Bloomin'' Allen is available! There are 14 clubs with no manager and we are stuck with this old cabbage! We want Worthy out...
  8. [quote user="BedsCanary"] Maybe Worthy should sign a "versatile utility player" who can play in goal - as well as midfield, defence or centre forward. [/quote] Phil Jagielka would never join!
  9. Well said I think it is sick, and why no youth players brought through? That would regain SOME creditability
  10. Worthington will be going back to his job before he was Norwich manager WORKING IN MACDONALDS Thats right, he only got one star rating before and he is going back for his second. Thank the lord.
  11. [quote user="San Miguel"] this thread does make me smile! but leave Leon alone Beno! I think he''s a great player [/quote] Well OK but only because you are one of the posters who''s opinions I value. I wouldnt call him great though but he is very hard working.
  12. [quote user="Herb"][quote user="Beno27"] Well don''t you get bored of constantly bashing the people who are allegedly bashing the club they allegedly support. [/quote] Nope. What particularly bores me is people from places as dull as Bressingham ;) [/quote] I do apologise, I have been 16 for 5 weeks now and although i am yet to leave school I should surely have found a new and more exciting place to live with my fantastic no qualifications part time 60k a year job. Either that or convinced my parents to move to a more exciting part of the country just to suit your poster criteria.
  13. [quote user="Andrew Kent"] Hopefully, by now most of you will have realised this site is a shambles, and is just loads of people making up stuff(mainly Liverpool fans I''ve noticed!) If you haven''t read the following, to see why it''s not a credible site: "fulham want chimbonda because jimmy bullard said a good word about him to coleman.There after campbell aswell but unlikely as inter want him.There trying to get earnshaw but he is happy at cardiff so unlikely.They also want Bowyer to strentghen there midfield.They want Anelka but hes a bit deer.Bridge likes it at fulham so he will join.All these players (if they get them all) will be worth 30mil.There team next season will be ..................niemi.......................... chimbonda...campbell...knight......bridge........ malbranque...bowyer....diop.....bullard.......... ...........earnshaw....anelka...................." Spotted it? If not, you need help! BTW I wish something would happen at our club, I''m getting so bored!! [/quote] Yeah Anelka is happy at Arsenal too [:P]
  14. [quote user="johnny"] iam i the only one who is getting fed up with all these ashton posts ?? yes he was a great signing for us when we were in the prem. he played well  scored goals and was a real handfull. BUT. a the start of last season he clearly did not want to be at carrow road. he did not play well, did not score many goals, his head was down, he was always injured, ( real or not only he knows ). remember he asked to leave, ok it might have been worthless tactics that forced his hand but he asked to leave. i am an ashton fan, i think he is going to be an england international. he is not a norwich city player whats the matter with some of you ? move on lets talk about the players we have or hope to get the future ( if there is any under worthington ) lets leave dean ashton in the past where he belongs. [/quote] Yes, of course this 22 year old prolific premier league striker on the verge of an England call up belongs in the past [8-)]
  15. [quote user="Herb"]zzzzzzzzzz Don''t you get bored with constantly bashing the club you allegedly support? [/quote] Well don''t you get bored of constantly bashing the people who are allegedly bashing the club they allegedly support.
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