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  1. Ring Keith if interested 01603 466325 Cheers Keith
  2. Should be a couple of thousand i reckon and most of plastic reds will be watching ''champions of boredom'' at home.
  3. nice one harry, great day - thanks for your kind words everybody Cheers Keith
  4. Harry all go - looks like us two, sorry  - any latecomers ring 01603 466325 go on... you know you want to
  5. I am out most of the day - but please leave a message on the answer machine at the above home number.
  6. Got spare seat in car, if interested. Phone Keith on 01603 729802 (work) or 466325 home after 5 pm.
  7. sounds great!!! still going - even though i never like friendly''s - sure there will be 6,000 or so.
  8. they have west ham saturday, us on tuesday - are zaragoza likely to be weaker for west spam and even so do ''real'' have any stars anyway, just wondered,,,
  9. i was wrong - very good crowd against PNE - more than it looked on line. I think the casual prices are too much really, but it is about making season tickets and to an extent super memberships value for money. I wonder how many renewed their season tickets for the lounges where the prices have risen heavily?
  10. quite a lot of tickets available, grade b, start of run in I''m quite surprised
  11. Anyone got a spare ticket would like to go, if possible, cheers
  12. i have a wheelchair escort ticket for saturday it costs £8.75, drawback in the home family enclosure - but thought it might help someome skint and bit of company for me (god that sounded sad!!) Ring 01603 466325. Ps if anyone knows a Blade happy to help out them if necessary
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