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  1. Not really been on long enough to give an informed judgment as yet, but a HUGE special mention to susie b for sending me 3 special edition souvenier papers celebrating our promotion. She gets my vote for poster of the year-no doubt at all!!!
  2. Don''t hate me but i think the scum will do it. Sunderland are burnt out, Wigan,- too soon, and I think it''d be too much for Palace as well (too reliant on Johnson for goals). Please believe me I would laugh if the binners lost in the final, but I just have a feeling it is East Anglias year to shine.
  3. DD, I agree with you. We should reward his loyalty in some way. It could upset the team spirit if we were just to offload him. I am sure he would love the chance to see if he could cut it himself, although even he will know he may not be 1st choice. He has been a legend for us over the years and shouldn''t be discarded. I know football is a business but sometimes the heart SHOULD rule the head. OTBC
  4. Anyone seen The Sun this morning. Due to promotion, we are now guaranteed £34 million next season!! Wahey!! This promotion just gets better and better.
  5. I think with WBA, they probably expected to go straight back up. I thought they would ,whereas I honestly expected us to get into the nightmare of the play-offs so maybe thats why we have gone bananas in our celebrations. That and the fact it has seemed more like 90 years, rather than 9 since we were last in the Prem has made it all the more sweeter for us. We have played the better football and as our goal difference makes clear, are the most exciting side in the division, but to be honest just getting out of the graveyard is enough. If you had said to me that we would finish above WBA, Sunderland & West Ham at the start of the season, I would have bitten your hand off!! Its just great at the moment. Mortgage payments don''t matter, council tax doesn''t matter, beer tastes better, mates are no longer taking the p**s and since discovering this message board, I don''t feel so isolated in my following of the greatest team in the world. OTBC & Come on Mr. Pinches
  6. Anyone know if Barry Pinches is a Canary? He had a yellow and green backed waistcoat on yesterday, but that may have been his sponsors colours. Even if he isn''t, it''s good to see another sportsman putting Norwich on the map. Lets hope he can finish off that sour-faced jock today. OTBC
  7. What about looking at the reserve teams from the likes of Arsena, Man utd, Liverpool & Chelsea? They must have loads of young,talented and hungry players, all desperate for first team football. NW can spot a bargain a mile away and they could probably be had for peanuts. I mean, Birmingham got Upson and thats how we got Mullers. There MUST be players to be had that way, rather than forking out for over-the-hill types who just want a pay day.
  8. My 3 year old daughter sings OTBC perfectly. She knows i can''t stay cross at her if she sings it to me!!!
  9. susie b, you are a diamond. I have only just managed to get my work computer up and running, so sorry for delay, (I wasn''t being rude!!). E-mail me on aforementioned address and i will e-mail you my home address. Thanks mate
  10. As I am all the way down here in the South-West, could I appeal to someones good nature and ask them to pick me up a copy of the local paper, if there is a special edition for our glorious promotion. If anyone can, I will of course send you the cash before posting. E-mail me at:WESTONCANARY@HOTMAIL.COM. Ta, OTBC PS YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!1
  11. Quick!! Everyone get on the site. We are 2nd from bottom of prem. Have a go.
  12. I agree with you Hayden. We have agreat team spirit, that is obvious to all. The last thing we need is an overpriced, overpaid Italian/Spaniard/Brazilian etc, who won''t fancy it come the winter months. We need to give the current squad a chance and see where the problems lie. Give it a month maybe. Worthy won''t panic buy and we need to trust him when he does bring new players in. On a slightly different note, isn''t it the best feeling to be talking about the Prem, rather than "oh well, maybe next season"? COYY
  13. The first time I really saw Super Matt was against WBA on telly. He came off the bench and muscled around and should have had a penalty when he was pulled down in the box. He did look a bit unfit but you could see a quality player under the surface. The message is, never doubt Worthy. A true talent spotter, he has ignored the primadonnas and got us some great bargains. Just look at Hux,Leon and Matty. They have the crowd behind them and confidence is high. I just hope the Premiership isn''t going to be too big a step up, although I am more worried about the defence. (I mean no disrespect there by the way, Flem and Malky are Legends). OTBC
  14. Are we live on Sky again this season? Perhaps the Sunderland match?
  15. Is this the best easter ever? Ok, I know we are not there yet but even I am starting to believe. Thankyou Ipswich(that hurt!), and thankyou Neal Barry. (Still a great finish from Mullers though, it didn''t exactly end up a clear cut chance). Most of all though, a MASSIVE thankyou to all the fans at the 2 games this weekend, I had to watch the games on sky but the noise you all made, made me feel I WAS there. You have done us proud, especially as everyone was going on about how great the Sunderland fans were and there was no atmosphere at their game against Sheff Utd. Just hope we don''t get complacent against Walsall, although NW won''t let that happen. OTBC
  16. Not bad. I would go for Gunn,Bowen,Watson,Bruce,Culverhouse Gordon,Crook,Holt,Huckerby Channon,Drinkell Subs.Woods Linighan Mendham Bellamy Sutton
  17. You lot have got me thinking. Time to dig out those old videos. However, Goss against leeds and Fleck against Millwall take some beating.
  18. I was in a pub full of wolves fans when we beat them in the play-off semi-finals,(For both games!). Most of them were OK but there were a few who made me fear for my well being. I was in the same pub when we lost to Birmingham, again I was the only canary there. Not good!! I was in the away end when we beat West Brom 4-1 at the Hawthorns around 95-96. My mate is a Baggie and he had 2 free tickets. Not being able to celebrate was hard, but controlling the urgre to run across the pitch and join the yellow and green army was even harder. Nice post, susie b!
  19. OK. I have missed something here. Call me ignorant but why Kevin Muscat? Who did he cripple?
  20. What about Fleck against Millwall 88/89? As for Goss against Leeds, it wasn''t just the volley but the build up play and cross as well.(Was it Ruel?). Rosario against Southampton 89/90, I think it was 5-5 and that was the equalizer. McVEIGH against Wolves in the play-off semi final. The list goes on but ANY Norwich goal is the greatest ever to me.
  21. Don''t forget Dave Phillips as well. He scored a cracker against England. Canaries everywhere. I wonder if Mark Walters would come out of retirement for us......
  22. I think Watford is our most tricky game, forget Wigan or Sunderland, we seem to raise it for the big boys. I might be wrong but I don''t think our recent record against them is that great is it? Anyone remember us beating them 6-1 back in the ''80''s, with John Deehan scoring 4?
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