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  1. A pm for me would be much appreciated
  2. Im confident of a top half finish, possibly 8th As long as we have a decent season and are at least pushing for the play offs, rather than a boring mid table finish with not much to get excited about
  3. I didnt know that, but why would the club disclose this information or was it the agent?
  4. The bit i thought was interesting was when Grant said "Obviously we have very good links with Chelsea", maybe a possibility of more loan players
  5. Why only half a season? its not like hes needed at chelsea or anything
  6. This is a great signing but i still expect us to spend the rest of the money from Earnie and the money from Etuhu
  7. The only reason he was allowed to continue playing last season was West Ham siad they had ripped up the contract and they owned him so if it turns out Kia Joorabchian actually owns him then they should be relagated 
  8. I don''t think it is Jimmy Smith because Grant said the "club rate him and fancy him so it could be over in a short period", and eventhough hes a good young player i cant really see chelsea needing him this year with the players they''ve got so id have thought if it was him it would be on a season long loan. .
  9. Yes there is a big division in the club with Granty not agreeing with most of the stuff that doncaster says
  10. People have the right to post there opinions of the club be it positive of negative, if you don''t like what is said on this message board maybe you should leave it
  11. He already does his talking on the pitch thats why we got promoted and thats why we stayed up last year, he has a right to voice his concerns
  12. exactly djc we should have offered him a new contract ages ago, even if we still included a release clause we could have upped it. In my view the board made little effort to keep Etuhu
  13. No offence to him but i would rather get one in and send him out on loan, besides we should have money to spend
  14. The board can do no wrong in some peoples mind, i don''t know what it would take for the majority to realize about the board
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