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  1. someone is talking sense of canary call get him off...actually its like reading this message board!
  2. Have the banks come calling hence the swift decision to sack Gunn and appoint someone with a bit more experience to appease them perhaps?? Just all seems very odd.
  3. interesting info from Colchester website he had no interview we also sounded desperate!! http://www.cu-fc.com/page/News/0,,10424~1758963,00.html
  4. 2 -1 to city. Yeovil were down to 8 players for most of the game as Hoolahan called them some really nasty names.....
  5. Completely agree LQ i can''t understand and no doubt never will some people.
  6. [quote user="Wes Hoolahanraha-hanrahan"]Oh and furthermore if you''re going to name yourself after a male character don''t be surprised when people mistake you for a male...if I called myself "Miss Moneypenny" or something, would you not think I was female..?[/quote] Dont know u been out in Norwich lately!!
  7. Wait and see....oh really....Well done you hope you feel good about that Seriously if i was hoolahan (our best player) i would want nothing to do with this club anymore. Its a joke
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