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  1. Hucks 96

    The canary call thread

    andy you sound like you have a brain get off and let the morons on
  2. Hucks 96

    The canary call thread

    Opps too late !!!
  3. Hucks 96

    The canary call thread

    No singing tonight please
  4. Hucks 96

    The canary call thread

    of course this is Bryan Gunn''s team still
  5. Hucks 96

    The canary call thread

    Neil adams is fine tonight please don''t ask again
  6. Hucks 96

    The canary call thread

    Neil wass this about goooing into adminstraytion won''t we lose pooints doing this ?
  7. He was today honest, I saw him with my own eyes. He was walking from the car park at the back of the Jarrold Stand towards the Barclay. What is he up to then?
  8. [quote user="Mister Chops"]Whenever players big themselves up like that it ends in failure - Chadders is more likely to get sent off than score tomorrow.I think it''s called "Russell''s Law," which states that the more a player says they''re going to go out and perform on the pitch, the more likely they are to be completely anonymous & then get sent off.

    [/quote]Mmm I like this .... Russell''s Law. What other laws do you think we could have? What about Jamie''s Law ?? It states the bigger the target and the nearer you are to that target the more likely you are to miss that target. Or maybe Hoolahan''s law that states the more times you beat a player , the more times you wait for that player to get back into position again so that you can beat him again and then fail to clear the first man when crossing the ball. (previously known as Dale Gordon''s law) Someone must have a good "Doc''s Law" ??
  9. Hucks 96

    Play off semi finals

    Thanks Slim. I knew someone would know the answer!
  10. Hucks 96

    Play off semi finals

    Does anybody know when the league one semi final play offs are due to be held ? I have searched every where on the internet and no one seems to know!Thanks
  11. I think the deadline was a bit of an irrelevance to us

    today. I expected nothing to happen. However, I do think we will see some loan

    deals appear in the next few weeks, especially Russell, Doherty and Wes. I

    think Rudd may go out on loan as well whilst we have both loan keepers til new


  12. Oh yes quite right ! It just feels like a loss at Exeter where of course we did draw! Still there is quite a gap to make up to Charlton already!Charlton have won all of their games without getting out of second gear most times! Worrying !
  13. Leicester last season only lost 4 games, P''boro only lost 9, both went up automatically. We have lost 3 league games already with just under 10% of the season gone.Providing we keep winning (we have nothing to fear from 90% of the teams in this league) our season will come down to a mini league of results against Charlton, Leeds and MK Dons. Lose against these teams and we could miss out on a play off place, win these games and we could be champions. The difference between success and failure this season is going to be very very narrow.

  14. Hucks 96

    The Football League Show

    Did anybody else notice they had the NCFC club badge on the top row in the middle behind the presenters. Class at last!
  15. Hucks 96

    Canary Call

    Where''s Simon from Sudbury tonight or Teddy from Sheringham ???