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  1. Can''t see it on there mate? Which keeper?
  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/s/st_mirren/6314285.stm
  3. Funny u should mention this, when i spoke to the club concerning an away season ticket I asked to be placed on a waitinig list but was told there isn''t and won''t be one. This makes no sense to me as without asking each week how are we to know if one or two people have defaulted? Maybe I was a bit harsh on Williams but am extremely frustrated at not being able to get an away season ticket and as i told the club I think its terrible that someone who has never attended a game before should get one ahead of us loyal fans.
  4. Excuse me Williams, what LOYAL 1000 supporters are u reffering to? I tried and failed to buy an away season ticket but was too late due to the 1000 limit. I attended 15 away games this year but was still unable to get one. Am I not a loyal fan?!! Also at the beginning of last season when Norwich were not playing great u will find only 100 people had away season tickets so to talk about the SAME THOUSAND LOYAL supporters is a bit wrong. I will be struggling to get a ticket next season and like I told the club I think u''ll find most of those so called LOYAL fans which have bought an away season ticket purely to visit the big grounds will disapear if we have a poor season and back in mid table div 1!
  5. According to BBC Sport Paul Gallagher has agreed terms with Norwich City, what do we all think?
  6. I had to place this post as even though I do hate the scum and have done for years one thing which annoys me even more is the arrogance of West Ham. I work with many of there fans and was told that each division 1 game would be an easy 5-0 win as there is no good teams in div 1!! This is very poor attitude to a very difficult league. I then read comments that West Ham are in fact better than Norwich despite being some twenty points behind us in the league! So last night I was rooting for the binners for the 1st time in my life as I don''t think even they are as arrogant as this! This morning to my amazement I logged onto the BBC Sport website to read Alan Pardews comments from last nights game. In his interview he talks of taking West Ham back where they belong in the top 6 of the Prem. Is he having a laugh? No just being purely arrogant, thinking his team are better than they are.
  7. Just read on BBC sport that Wimbledon have agreed a deal to continue with their creditors, good news as we can keep our hard earned 6 points.
  8. Anyone know what the average away attendance for each team in division One is?? I continually argue with my friends at work as they claim West Ham take the most fans to away games but surely we must be up there? What have we taken to each game?
  9. I am a friend of (an Academy player) and am a bit disapointed to say the least about people who are his so called friends placing posts on this message board concerning information he may have told u about what happened at the training ground. Obviously the players aren''t really supposed to talk about what is discussed at Colney so if he does tell us any information in confidence we shouldn''t place it on the noticeboard stating him as our source. If u really must put it onto the noticeboard can u not just say ''from a source from within the club'' as i''m sure the club don''t look too fondly on players revealing their tactics so if u are a friend of a player and you do want him to make it then please refrain from doing so.
  10. I may be interested, what time will you be leaving? How much petrol money would you like?
  11. Just been reading that Duncan Ferguson is being investigating. He is accused of racially abusing Luis Boa Morte. I thought racism wasn''t tolerated at Everton FC!!
  12. I''ve been reading what people have posted about Carl Cort. Maybe we shouldn''t be greedy as we may not have anymore funds to sign players but in football its always the same people always want that little bit more. If there is a little money left I believe that next week will be the time to sign a top player on loan as the most important month of the season is coming up. I think Worthington is gonna sign someone and Carl Cort providing he''s fit would be a superb acquisition. We know Worthy likes him as he tried to sign him on deadline day last year but many different clubs have had loan offers for him turned down. Does anyone know who the scummers are getting??
  13. Anyone got a spare Sheffield United ticket??
  14. Yeah, I heard it on the radio and had read this morning on Teamtalk.com. I think this is bad news unless we get another target man in as we''ll only have Mckenzie and Huckerby left as Jarv''s out injured and so''s Svensson. Was quite prepared for Roberts going at the end of the season but could be a problem at the mo. A good target man who scores goals is very hard to come by in the modern game.
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