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  1. Why do we insist on playing the old when they just arent up to it? we need jarvis and Shackell in the team instead, release roberts and we will have anough money for hucks wages.
  2. Steve MacLean , wot do you lot recken out there should we buy him? i know hes good at a low level divson3 but is he good anough for for divison 1?
  3. Leon Knight is a class act, why cant we buy him. we might be able to buy him if the board put there money into it.
  4. What ever happend to that david, we said he was good and now whats happend. will we forget Hucks like we did Healy?
  5. leave da man alone hes doing a great job, look before we had him. we were nearly relegated.
  6. i recken dat chicken dude-bernard matthews should by them both and do norwich a fava.
  7. I think that clint is a waste of time, he dosnt pass the ball confodantly enough and he has no work rate. Also if we rid of him and roberts we can afford hucks wage bill!!!!!!!! Wake up, even Watford never wanted him.
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