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  1. Remember the Dark financial days? Well to stay afloat we had to wind down goings on at the academy, that slowed the conveyor belt somewhat. Things got started again under Boothroyd, and yes the club knew what a good coach they had, but West Brom also recognised this and offered him a deal he couldn''t refuse, and one we couldn''t match at the time. This left Sammy Morgan controlling things, and as experienced as he was, maybe he just couldn''t relate to the kids as well as a younger manager, so the current regime was brought in. Ricky Martin is, i believe, a young, progressivley thinking manager who remembers what it''s like to be a teenager, while Dave Williams is a more respected coach than many people realise, posibly more so than Boothroyd. These two have been at the helm for less than 2 years, so to expect rexults in that time is being impatient, the first big name i expect to see from their tenure is Micheal Spillane. I''m sure most of you know how promising this kid is, those that don''t should know that the Irish under-17(i think) boss is building a squad around him for next summers Euro championships, he''s at least a year younger than the other players in the squad. In short, never fear, there''s a good team in place, just be patient, and wait for the Danish wonderkids to start coming through thanks to Steeno.
  2. Simple really, it''s all gone. Remember that the club took a massive gamble financially in loaning Hucks and Crouch all those many moons ago, and the permanent signing of the legendary mulleted one was, like the loans, a gamble that needed to be paid for by promoition money. Then there was all the Promotion bonuses, the fact that we played 2/3''s of 03/04 with a three sided ground, meaning lower turnover, and Nigel''s warchest last summer, albeit a modest one by Prem standards. Has the Wizard forgotten that it''s widely known that Dean Ashton was purchased with a large proportion of the 05/06 parachute payment? that at the time should have been a significant suggestion that the "Pot of gold" wasn''t exactly bottomless. There needs to be a reality check from certain people, you can''t just bank your sky money and expect it to be there for all eternity. this is big(ish) business and a few million can be easily eaten up by players and their agents.
  3. Wizard, the problem isn''t that players no longer know how to tackle, it''s that there''s too many airy fairy nancy''s that can''t take a bit of physical contact when they get tackled fairly. I don''t blame players for not wanting to go in hard if they''re going to get booked every time Ronaldo, Jonson et al decide they need to up their mark to a 4.8 from the judges. Add this to the argument on the defence/midfield "backing off" at so many times next season, anyone who''s played a game should know that it''s better to stand your ground and keep yourself between the man and the goal, than go to ground and risk a Penalty/FK, or even worse the humiliation of being done by a moment of skill, just as you go into the challenge (top players know exactly when a challenge is coming). to answer the original question, there is no chance the team was told to play for a fair play spot, Nige just likes a team that doesn''t play dirty.
  4. BBB, I''m as much a manu fan as you''re a dope smoking rasta, i just find that particular quote amusing. If you found my original post harsh i''m sorry, pathetic was probably the wrong word. But the fact remains that beating man utd today is a much bigger thing for this club than it was 15-20 years ago.  
  5. Top post Chicken, 5* from me. from now on we need positives, get behind the team and believe, believe, BELIEVE! We can do it, lets start by tearing Palace to pieces on saturday!
  6. Situations are slightly diferent these days though BBB; Back then they were in a transitional period and were nowhere near to being THE dominant force in English football (did we have a similar record against Liverpool over the same period of time? i don''t know, but i doubt it). Norwich on the other hand were in the middle of the most succesful period in the club''s history, a period that came to an end as United began to enjoy succcess like they''d never known. Nowadays we are a large minnow, while they are the biggest of the big (discounting Chelsea''s expendable income) so saturday was a massive win, especially in the context that it COULD help us to stay in this league. Many people who are fans now do not remember the times you speak of, and your attempt to belittle what to many (rightly so) is a party week, I find frankly pathetic.
  7. What a cynical post from twosheds, have you thought for a second that it might be because the weather''s nice and you can get away with wearing a footy shirt when it''s sunny? I, personally, rarely wear a city shirt over the winter months because, A) I have more style these days than to be seen in public wearing short sleeves over Long (not the case in the 90''s i admit), and B) Yelow suits spring far better than it does the winter months, hence our traditional Christmas slump.
  8. Andrew nickerson seems to think Worthy''s made massive investments in the team, by previous Norwich City standards that may be true, but by current Premiership standards we''ve spent a small pittance. Both Palace and West Brom have invested heavily whereas Worthy has had to make do with what handouts he could scrape from the board, the one convincing investment coming far too late in the season. We started this season with the weakest squad in the league, that''s why we''ve been favorites to go down, we happpened to have a better season than everyone else last year, we did not have better players, and for the championship win the credit must go to the manager, (and Carl Moore for paying for Darren Huckerby, the one player who is better than what the rest had previously). Wave goodbye to the manager and you wave goodbye to the Club''s stability, and any hope of a swift Premiership return.
  9. Careful Weston you''ll be accused of being a Yes man. And to answer the original question, what Weston said sums up my opinion perfectly, and that of most sane people i know. and i''m not for one second saying i''m satisfied with what i''ve seen in recent weeks, far from it.
  10. I''m liking the new wallpapers alot, one small point of pedantry for the web team though; The one at the Bottom should read "Celebrations at Vicarage road", not Carrow Road cos that''s just untrue.
  11. For many years I was always David Platt, loved him as a kid and my best mate was a Villa supporter, strangeley enough sometime in the early nineties i started being Jerry Goss!?!? I was always Gunny in goal though.
  12. I''m told that at Villa Park on Saturday even the Bus driver sat on the bench while WLY was in the stand! Saying that it could''ve been his choice and he may be having a snotty one at not being picked. Whoever''s to blame i hope it''s sorted one way or the other ASAP.
  13. Sharpen your ears people!!!! What Worthy''s actually said is that he has an "A" list and a "B" list. He''s currently working hard on players from the A list and if anything happens it won''t be till next week. Players on this list are more likely to be priced out of our range, but are of proven quality. Should he fail in his attempts at these targets, then he says he''ll be forced to refer to the B list.
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