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  1. The rat cannot comment either on how the home grown young pro''s train, he does not see them as he has demoted them all to training with the academy.
  2. omg i am sitting here wetting my pants at both of you. Loving your retorts James, written with such simplicity yet achieving maximum irritation to get yankee''s knickers in a twist it really has made my day. Prior to reading this post I was a busy musing over the inadequacies of the ratfink and his ramblings of total utter b**sh*t, however now I am smiling and waiting for the next installment of "The next two games are critical" saga!
  3. Spillane is in the U21 Rep of Ireland squad heres the link:- www.fai.ie or www.foncy.co.uk
  4. [quote user="Peter Grant''s Tartan Army"] ...Whats Micky Spillane done wrong? He was man of the match against Man City, Our best player untill he went off agaisnt Sheffiled Wednesay, relegated to the reserves, impresses agaisnt Stevenage Reserves but is nowhere to be seen. I really do feel for the lad. He offers more strength, that power and physical presence that neither russel or rossi give. Spillane is technically the better out of him and rossi as well. And we play hoofball away from home, yet our 750k targetman once again sits o nthe bench while our little strikers Martin and Hucks have no chance agaisnt a physical QpR cenrtre dfence. It baffles me, and why have two target men on the bench if you dont want to play either of them?, what happened to options, where Spillane or is Murray going to change the game from midfield?!   Couldn''t agree with you more. Showed passion, skill and got stuck in defo man of match for both games and whats his reward DROPPED LIKE A HOT BRICK. If this is the way he is treated mark my words he will not be wearing yellow and green come January, and who could blame him. Checked out the Irish website and at least the irish are rewarding the boy for his endeavours he has been called up for the ''U21''s''. Good luck to him
  5. All the youngsters did well, paticulary Spillane who seemed to be playing every role on the pitch, attacking, defending and providing. Was really impressed with his play and looks to be an excellent prospect for the future, especially as his versitility enables him to play well in various positions. Seemed Grant wanted all his strikers on rather than an indication of Spillanes performance. As for the decision on Fozzy, thats one for the manager but would prefer Spillane as he shows more passion.     
  6. McCaffrey pleased his young Internationals are in safe hands. A few more Chris Martins would be nice... Thurs 1 Mar 07 With the Peter Grant revolution slowly but surely taking place at City, the current setup contains more than your average number of Scots it would be fair to say. From Jim Duffy, Bryan Gunn and of course Grant himself involved with the coaching staff to Messrs Gallacher, Marshall, Lappin, Cave-Brown and Fotheringham in the first-team squad, Colney definitely has a tartan feel about it sometimes. Yet fast-forward a few years and it could be the Irish, not the Scottish, accent which is heard loudest in the Carrow Road dressing room. Ricky Martin''s Academy youngsters contain some highly promising Irish starlets and it is a case of ''so far, so good'' according to the Republic''s Youth team boss Sean McCaffrey. McCaffrey is currently in Portugal overseeing his Under-18 charges in a four-team tournament, of which Michael Spillane and Mark O''Toole are the Canaries'' representation. Speaking in an exclusive interview with www.rickwaghorn.co.uk, McCaffrey revealed he had high hopes for them both. "Michael Spillane is a key man for us in our Under-19s so he is captain of the Under-18s and he''s very crucial for us," said McCaffrey. "He''s always been terrific for us. He was brilliant against Holland recently and he is a very good player with great potential. "Mark O''Toole is a left-back or a left-sided centre-half and has a very good left foot on him. He is also a very good passer and a very good crosser of the ball. "The boy has excellent technique; he reads the game well and is decent in the air. On the negative, he probably lacks a wee bit of pace but the rest of his game is very good. He did well also against Holland and he was marking a winger who is very highly rated by the Dutch and he did well." Spillane has of course long made his Canary debut and featured prominently at the end of last season''s campaign – with Nigel Worthington deciding to give his youngsters a taste of the hussle and bussle of Championship football once it was clear the play-offs were out of reach. He was used as a right-back and performed admirably but City see him as a centre-half first and foremost and that is where McCaffrey is sure his future lies as well. "I think centre-half is his best position," McCaffrey added. "He can certainly do a job as a full-back and he can do a job as a holding midfielder but his best position is centre-half. He reads the game well, his positioning is good and he passes the ball well. In short, he is a good player." With a crippling injury list at Carrow Road this season – especially in the defensive department – it has been a surprise to many that Spillane hasn''t been given another opportunity to impress. Grant has described him as being too raw, but McCaffrey has no doubts he can compete at this level. "I don''t really know the Norwich first team well enough to be honest with you and I haven''t seen them play often enough but I think he''s capable of playing in the Championship at the moment." Ireland''s Under-17 side also contains more promising Canary kids, two of which will be familiar to regular attendees of Academy football at Colney. "Gareth Matthews is a defender; he can play right-back or left-back and can even play as a centre-half. "He''s a good defender, good on one vs ones, supports the attack well and has already scored two goals for the Under-17s, against Italy and against Azerbaijan. "Matthews is a good solid player. We definitely think he has a future and he has a very good attitude as well. "Kurtis Byrne is another one from Norwich. He''s an attacking player, whether he plays up-front or wide right. He''s a very skilful player, a very strong player and he''s got pace as well. He probably needs to score more goals but he has ability." And the list of Canary potential from across the Irish Sea doesn''t end there…. "There is another young lad at Norwich who plays at Under-16 level called David Cooper. We''ve had him in and he has done very well. He is a quick, skilful full-back and technically he is very good. He''s definitely one for the future. "As is Danny Kelly, who''s a centre-half or centre-midfielder who also plays at Under-16 level. He is another skilful one and will be one to watch when he gets into full-time training at Norwich." It has long been known throughout the football world that City take great pride in their Academy and producing young players capable of performing at first-team level. If truth be told though, it is fair to say that there have not been as many that have made the all-important step up in recent years as the club would have liked. Jason Shackell and Chris Martin apart, there has not been anyone for a good while who has emerged onto the first-team stage and looked at home from minute one. But there is a feeling around the club that the current batch of Academy youngsters are a little bit special and McCaffrey is in no doubt that his boys are in safe hands. "I see Norwich as a good club to progress through the ranks without a doubt. There are some good people there. Ricky Martin does a very good job and there is a good ethos at the club. "Norwich have always brought through players and produced good players. We''re glad to see the Irish lads there. "They are getting a good football education there and importantly, they will get the opportunity to play. And in turn, it''s good for Norwich to see them playing international football." "It''s great that there are a fair few Irish lads at the club already and big Gary Doherty being there as well will help. Norwich try to help them to settle down and the club treat them well and look after them. We''re very pleased with that aspect." Tom Haylett
  7. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] [quote user="Dell Girl"]Let me put the record straight. Spillane is a strapping 6ft 3in. FACT.[/quote] no he isnt... Jason Shackell is 6''3.. and when the 2 have appeared side by side in the same team Spillane has appeared much shorter. Fact! I doubt the club would get the height of one of their own employees wrong. jas :) [/quote] hmm...ok im going to have to help you out more here...have a peek at the team photograph on this site....he is standing next to Gary Doherty who is 6ft 2in, now does he look 5ft 9 to you or would you say he is more like 6ft 3in. (mind you he could always be standing on a box or maybe wearing his high heeled shoes) And another thing on his personal profile it states that he is still a scholar! I thought that the club would have known that he signed pro back in June 2006 wouldn''t you?
  8. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] [quote user="jetstream"]What are all those windows overlooking the pitch then if they aren''t rooms? Can''t all be offices surely?[/quote] they are corridors.. have a look at the windows on the other side.. its to do with alcohol liscencing in football.. u cant have beer in view of the pitch.. same applies to the hotel windows im afaird. email doncaster if u dont believe me!  But then no one bleieved me when i said Spillane was 5''9 did they? despite proof being on this very site.... *snifs* jas :) [/quote]   Jas no-one believes you because they have actually seen Spillane in the flesh and he is not 5"9 he is 6"3. Never believe everything you read!
  9. Let me put the record straight. Spillane is a strapping 6ft 3in. FACT.
  10. [quote user="no1 donny fan"][quote user="Dell Girl"]Spillane is actually 6ft 3!!![/quote] you little liar[/quote] One more thing...lol....Cant say how chuffed I am for you and yours...wink wink xxx
  11. [quote user="Web Team - Pete"] He''s 5''9 http://new.pinkun.com/content/NCFC/Squad/2006-2007/MichaelSpillane.aspx [/quote] You wrote 5''9 as if it is a fact, please do not believe everything you read Pete
  12. I think I should know Donny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...........lol
  13. Michael Spillane is actually 6ft 3"!!!!
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