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  1. Dear Yellowice You sound lke a very young person. Life is all about opinions and debate and a measure of a persons maturity is how you deal with an opposite opinion.I suggest you go to the CBBCwebsite where you will meet the rest of the playgroup Roeder will leave this club in a worse state than when he joined.  We need someone for the future not a  proven failure who had a bit of luck. Play some of our own lads, I would rather lose with our lads and let us judge how good or bad they are.Show your balls Roeder and send the crap back to Wegner and co.Some of the our boys were decent before you turned up
  2. Many of  Roeders recent comments seem to betray a vulnerability to crticism and a lack of self confidence.There is no doubt that when he came to the club he was able to repair the damage left by Grant,but to be fair the problems were fairly obvious. He restored some pride and confidence to a team which resulted in a tremendous run of results. He promised not to criticise his players in public restoring goodwill at the club. Lately results have shown how vulneable he becomes when a degree of pressure is applied and he is starting to make the same old mistakes that saw him shown the door at other clubs. He seems unable to communicate with senior players and his selections make little sense. He has destroyed the confidence of young players he has never seen play just to make way for Gibbs who would not get a game for Kings Lynn. He has made it his mission to make you all believe that some of the young pros are crap and they need shipping out. All of Roeders previous fatal flaws are starting to come back to haunt him and it is only a matter of time before his lack of ability as both a Manager and Coach will lead to his departure.   
  3. dereham 0 Norwich 3 The following pros played Jarvis Jarvis Halliday Cave Brown Eagle Bexfield Smart Arnold
  4. Heard last night that Norwich are sendind quite a strong side to Dereham any one any information? thinking about going 
  5. Who can name the best ugly team, Capatain could be Rio Ferdinand
  6. I cannot believe that you think Martin is worth this sort of money.He has proved nothing apart from 4 goals against a pub team. His performances at the end of the seaon were awful  as was his lack of effort. Another boy who thinks he is the finished article and if he reads about these stupid valuations it will get worse. Lets see what he does this year and my opinion is he will fade away Grant needs  a quality striker now otherwise he will be jobless by Christmas.  
  7. As fantastic as it is to have two players in the England side at U19 last night,can someone explain based on their end of season performances how they were selected.It does appear that similar to the senior set up once you get in the side you stay in the side. Martin looked tired and out of sorts at the end of his season and a good rest would have seemed to be the best solution and his form would hardly merit international duty.Jarvis not good enough to be recalled when we were desperate also gets a game. These two boys will then be back in pre season without a rest and more excuses will be made for them. Same applies to Spillane a first team place in the Championshipwould seems more attractive than youth international football and he will also come back knackeredl,although on his form he does deserve selection . Finally Cave Brown will need two months off when he returns, when he should be competeing for a first team place?     
  8. My original point is that Grant persists in talking for the sake of talking. He wants to give the impresion that he is scouring the clubs of europe when he is actually scouring Mrs Grants Pots. He acts  big time and I would rather he proved himself first rather than his obsession with disjointed comments and quotes to impress. A forum or message board is a vehicle for whatever you want and if I wish to slag him or anythiny else of so be it. I would be delighted if our Manager was looking in Europe even the countries that do not exist but i suggest this is actually a smokescreen for some more crap signings which he will no doubt achieve. I continue to say that at present he has done nothing to give me any confidence and if he lasts out Xmas i will be delighted as he will be having success, but i beleive his managerial obituary is already wriiten and it is only a question of time till publication.    
  9. Bodly going where no man has gone before-WOW
  10. We have already been taken over by a foreign power-the scots
  11. The case for the prosecution rest-Guilty as charged, if the best defence is lappin and fotheringham. Mary Queen of Scots lost her head at Fotheringham Castle maybe Grant should beware of omens l  
  12. His idea of eastern Europe is Calais
  13. I think the original post is spot on and i totally agree that Grant lacks the ability to spot a player. He will waste the money on a load of second rate misfits and young scots. Has done nothing to convince me otherwise
  14. I find it amusing that Peter Grunts idea of scouring Europe stops at Ireland and Scotland where he is looking at a 19 year unknown striker who everybody else wants!.always thought that Europe was a bit more expansive,what next.the search moves on to Wales?
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