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  1. Great start from Chrissy Martin, despite Luton losing 3-1 Chris Martin got the official man of the match award.   Hopefully more to come and a few goals, give the lad a chance!
  2. [quote user="nettoo"][quote user="John Smith"][ Secondly if Mr Martin admitted to punching him and the person recieved a broken jaw, ribs etc he would of got more than a police caution i can assure you of that, he would of been taken to caught and most probably charged with GBH. [/quote]   I didn''t say he received a broken jaw etc from the punch in the face, I said his injuries were from being kicked in the head and body. I didn''t say who did the kicking either. Chris Martin (and one of his friends) admitted to punching him in the face hence the cautions (both Chris Martin and his friend  received cautions, not just Chhris Martin), his severe injuries were caused (according to the police)  by another individual from the same group after he was punched by Chris Martin. In answer to your question, no I wasn''t there. But I have spoken to several witnesses and received full details from Mark Seargent from Lowestoft CID.   [/quote] It would go to court, how the hell do they know what injuries each punch causes? And as far as i''m aware aMr Seargent isn''t allowed to give out full details of cases to random members of the public.
  3. [quote user="nettoo"] Chris Martin was involved in a very serious incident on 26th January outside the White Horse pub in Beccles. Him and his older brother and some friends entered the pub drunk and disorderly and were clearly trying to start a fight with anyone they could. One innocent bystander dared to tell them to calm down after one of the group shoved this bystander out of the way whilst shouting "vip coming through" (meaning Chris Martin). The group weren''t happy about being told to calm down and started arguing with the guy and acting like a bunch of drunken idiots.  The group hung around outside (Chris Martin, his brother and friends), when the guy came out he was knocked to the ground and kicked repeatedly to his body and mainly to his head until he was unconsious - then he was kicked some more. He was kicked so hard that he suffered fractured ribs, a broken jaw and multiple bruising. The guy had emergency surgery to his face and will have to live with metal plates and screws holding his face together for the rest of his life. Chris Martin and one of his friends admitted that they punched him - hence the caution for common assault. Charges will be brought against somebody in the group later in the week.   The victim is not a local drunk or ''chav'' as someone on here suggested, he''s just a normal mid 30s guy with a family and a  job. He''s  never discussed what happened with any papers or news rooms.  He''s kept his mouth firlmly closed to protect his family. I''m not the person who this happened to, but I did sit at the victims hospital bed waiting for him to come out of surgery wondering if he was going to be permanently brain damaged. I know it all seems good gossip, but the reality of what happened is far from funny.                [/quote] Pity it isn''t the reality of what really happend. Netoo where you there at the time? Or is this just what the ''victim'' told you? Because i can tell you i was there and this is not the true story of what happend. Secondly if Mr Martin admitted to punching him and the person recieved a broken jaw, ribs etc he would of got more than a police caution i can assure you of that, he would of been taken to caught and most probably charged with GBH.   Lastly Chris Martin has recieved alot of bad publicity about being of the ''pub watch'' scheme which is in place in the waveney valley, yes it does sound very bad but if your from the area (beccles especially) you''ll know that half the people that go out in beccles are either on it or have been on it. A certain PC Powell (Beccles head police officer) will put you on pub watch for anything and everything, i know someone who got put on pub watch for throwing chips at a friend (in a drunken joking manner) outside a KEBAB and got put on pub watch for it!   I''m not a friend of Chris i know him but wouldn''t consider myself a close friend but the image that he is portrayed by alot of Norwich fans is far from the truth, belive me or not.
  4. Ahh... spreading rumours about 1 of our young players.. how big of you guys, you might as well frigging post it on here because you''ve messaged it to about 50 people whom i''m sure will spread it around the ground.. whatever it may be.   I guess it''ll be bullsh*t though, we get good young players and we try to tarnish them as with what happend to Joe Lewis too, many of rumours i heard about him which weren''t true.
  5. [quote user="jimmy500"] [quote user="Dell Girl"]The rat cannot comment either on how the home grown young pro''s train, he does not see them as he has demoted them all to training with the academy.[/quote] The rat, as you call him employs staff to tell him how the academy kids train.  Reserve team football is second rate, who were the 7 in 3 against, Grays Athletic reserves, Northampton Reserves and Luton Reserves.  Hardly powerhouses of English football are they. If he really wants his chance he should be banging down the managers door and proving himself in training.  I would bet if he does that he will get his chance.  Or perhaps he is too arrogant to do that.  Shame, because the youngster clearly has decent talent. [/quote]   Well he can''t score against better teams if he doesn''t play against them can he? Yeah he missed a sitter against Bury but what striker doesn''t miss sitters. People like Le Tiss, Bergkamp, Berbatov are all lazy but have to much talent not to be picked.   There is no point in playing reserve games if Roeder isn''t taking them into consideration.   How many games has Martin started this season?   Give a local lad a chance!
  6. We can''t score to save our lives and we have a young striker who has scored 7 in 3 for the ressies and has proved he can do it this time last season!   Give him a go! Obviously we can''t comment on how he trains but atleast he can hit the back of the net for the ressies which is all he can do at the moment.
  7. Anyone know anything else regarding tickets? I hope to god they''re not all sold out.
  8. I forgot to apply for Chelsea tickets, what are my chances of getting tickets if i haven''t applied or don''t i have a chance? :(   How many tickets have we been allocated aswell?  
  9. What relevance is that?!   Fantastic get in! How did Chris Martin play anyone?? i''d love a detailed summary of his performance cheers
  10. But on the other hand, is 1.5million for a player who is relatively injury prone and misses a chunk of the season through the African Nations and other internationals such a bad deal? He''s probably the most influential player at the club in my opinion, but he doesn''t play many games a season and his desrie could again be to play in the premiership, afterall thats the reason he left Coventry; For premiership football.
  11. Have some faith in Worthy for godsake! I have my full trust in Worthy and belive it was the reason Shackell was left out. Also for one minute i don''t belive that Jim Brennan would tell some rnadom guy at a service station about the latest gossip from Colney!
  12. This was posted on another forum so i take no credit for it, but what a wondefull post ''  The country is going to the dogs and the mps are going on holiday. We''ve had terrorist cowards in London, racist cowards in Liverpool and tornadoes in Brimingham. It''s been a bloody awful summer, and now the rain looks like it''s here to stay until autumn. We''ve had the Gerrard saga, the Essien saga, the Owen saga, the Keane saga and the Rio saga. But praise be to whatever God you call yours. In just five short days time, the greatest league on Earth will kick off. Brighton, Burnley, Cardiff, Coventry, Crewe, Crystal Palace, Derby, Hull, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Luton, Millwall, Norwich, Plymouth, Preston, QPR, Reading, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke, Watford and Wolves. 24 of the finest teams ever to grace the premier competitive league in England if not the world. Clubs which can be proud of an intelligent, knowledgable and loyal fan base that would be the envy of so-called big clubs like Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool... A special welcome to the fans of Crystal Palace, Hull, Luton, Norwich, Sheff Wednesday and Southhampton, and welcome back to everyone else. Let the proper football commence!''   Awesome, let the most competetive and the most real league in the world commence!
  13. Hello, i''m new to posting here i''ve been reading the message board for a while, but never really got around to posting, so i''d just like to say hi to everyone. On to the point. Right - Henderson along with Green and the Jarvis lads are the only home grown talent in the team, and Green wasn''t even brought up as a kid in Norwich, surely you''d think that this would mean that Henderson would get even more encouragment and cheers from his own supporters? NO a young local kid gets moans, groans and boo''s from his own supporters! I just don''t understand it.. possibly if Henderson was a lazy guy who acted like he didn''t give a damn about the club i''d understand, but from where i sit Hendersonn puts in 100% every game and trys his damned hardest he lacks quality sometimes but that will come. So i''m asking why does this young local talent get moans and groans from his own supporters? Henderson came from the youth ranks at his local team yet he gets booed, why?
  14. Reliable souce number...? must be 100+ in the last week! I''d prefer it if we brought a defender of midfilder, he looks like a very promising prospect, but do we really need another striker?
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