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  1. Well, read it for yourself.... http://football.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,9753,1298084,00.html Shows what the great lady is all about. I''m sure most of us know it by now but it''s nice to get a reminder now and again! Sorry if someone''s already posted this.... I did check!
  2. In the same vein though... no Number 28 shirt for Joe Lewis this time round? Can anyone explain why he''s lost this? Or hasn''t he? Or is it do do with him joining the Academy? Or is it do do with him being wanted by Adrian Boothroyd at West Brom??? (Just thought I''d throw that one in!!)
  3. Pic is now on www.canaries.co.uk Not sure about the collar though!!
  4. Anyone who''s registered on "Canaries World" have got a sneak preview. Looks very nice with a two tone Racing Green (from what I can make out) and "Lotus Cars" emblazoned accross the front of it. Badge also moves to the middle. Looks great! I think I''ll get mine on order now!
  5. I''ve seen the new away kit. I have contacts at Xara Soccer. It''s Sky Blue with a big Pink Canary on the front and back of the shirt. It has Lotus logo on it. See, I know just as much as you do!!
  6. Danny Mills. Premiership player, premiership wages. He wants £25k a week. No signing on fee. I say pay him it and add some defensive quality!
  7. I have heard from a vary good source close to the club that Petit IS a target for NW to sign for next season. Maybe the quote is true???
  8. Are you sure that we''re not going to sign a netballer to boost the club coffers?? Looks like they score 43 goals a GAME!! This is all I could find on the wonderful world of the Interweb!!! "MALAYSIAN side Northside Arowana, led by national goal-shooter Aruna Santhappan''s 43 goals, opened this year''s Netball Super League with a 61-39 victory over Southern Stingrays at Bedok Sports Hall yesterday"
  9. He certainly is a Canary! He is a Norfolk boy (you must have heard him talk!?) and he has his own practice table at Canary Cue Club. The colours on his waistcoat are certainly those of NCFC of the FA Barclay Premier League! Let''s hope he can achieve something as well. Good luck Bazza!
  10. There have been a few! I guess this post is a small warm up for the summer months!?! Firstly there was the Cricket World Cup Semi-Final in 1999. Australia Vs South Africa. The only game to be drawn in a World Cup. I thought Cricket was boring! Then there was the Grand National in 2000 when Papillion won. The atmosphere there was incredible! Also went to the 2000 Gunieas at Newmarket in 2001. Wimbledon is a good day out. Went there last year on the middle Saturday and saw some great players at very close quarters. Surprising just how Wimbledon is set out. A Grand Prix is also a good atmosphere but very boring... you see each car for a split second then you have to wait two minutes before you see it again! I''m going to cheat and add a footballing event too - infact two! 1. England Vs Germany, Euro 2000. Shearer scored and we won 1-0. 2. Diss Town Vs Taunton Town, FA Vase Final 1994. The best day of my life! How sad! Anyone else recommend some good sporting events to go to this year???
  11. I think it it''s a case of the following - Just win every match until the end of the season! (and beyond!) That way we''re guaranteed promotion, guaranteed the champoinship and this will prove to any doubters that Norwich really are the BEST team in the league by being promoted without having to worry about anybody else losing! Yes, the pressure will be off when it''s mathematically impossible but just keep picking up three points........ that''s all we ask!!
  12. Whilst shopping in Norwich a couple of weeks back, I was at the checkout of the JJB Sports store on Riverside. It was quite quiet in there and as I was leaving I happened to notice a bloke approaching the counter with an arm full of clothes sporting a Darren Huckerby haircut. I thought nothing of it until I looked again and realised it was the man himself, Sir Darren Huckerby! I wanted to say hello but was far, far too star struck to say anything. He must have thought I was a bit weird as I just stared and smiled! Does this count???
  13. I agree Archie, that''s the point I was trying to make. Get some of the fringe players to integrate with the first teamers and see how they get on. It would be good to give them the experience. With regards to Joe''s GCSEs, he''s a bright enough lad to get on ok. Give him a game of football to take his mind off the pressure of the exams!! I reckon it would work. Shackell played well last night, as did Jarvis when he came on. Impressed with both. They''ll get their chances in time.
  14. When Norwich''s promotion is ensured, maybe Mr Worthington and Co. can look at playing some of the fringe and youth players? You have to remember that Norwich do have England''s Number 1 on their books - the fantastic Joe "Safe Hands" Lewis. Why not give him a go? If City''s promotion is confirmed then there''s nothing to lose in giving the young lad some experience at the top level. This could also be done with one or two of the other youngsters? What''s the opinion of others?
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