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  1. He''s only making those noises to ensure he won''t be transfer listed, perhaps he sees his talents waning!
  2. A short term loan might be the making of him, Worthy whatever we think of him has a problem with Shackell, a month in S Yorks might just focus his mind, will not get into !st team soon unless injury. However injury could put paid to any loan. As for Davenport just watch the way he can read the game so much time this lad is a class act, which only City fans can see st the moment, signing Dav could be the best signing ever.  
  3. As a player always plays the way he is facing which most times is facing his goal, rarely passes forward and if he does pass usually goes astray. However one thing from Monday night he is the best deliverer of a dead ball I have seen at Carrow Road, his corners and free kicks were all delivered with accuracy and pace, however don''t let him take penalties.  Include JJ when they allow special teams to come on the pitch as american Football. 
  4. Some tw*t is repeatedly posting on Football Rumours (yes I know its bol***ks) about City buying various players however he always adds the rumour City will buy Idiakez in January every day. But gives himself away by calling him "Indigo", if you''re going to start different rumours about City get his name right IT IS INIGO not Indigo.  
  5. Long way behind in Spurs CB pecking order behind King, Naybet, Dawson and Gardner (injured) so I wouldn''t give up hope, with Shacell maybe long term absentee Nigel may need to do a deal come January.
  6. It certainly did''nt look good he was in agony, hopefully dislocated rather than broken, fingers crossed, but whatever out for a long stretdch. Re who to play alongside Doc when Davenport goes back to Tottenham hopefully briefly, Fleming who played last night looked his hapless self should not because he being right footed will want to take the right side Centre Back where Doc has been excellin, therefore we need a left footed defender to play CB, the options being Charlton or Drury.  Charlton played last night and looked comfortable. Hopefully Shacks not as bad as feared, he being a left sided CB.
  7. Where has this figure come from, according to announcement re hotel, payment of £1.1m goes immediately to offset a £20m debt, did we not make any money out of the reported £20m+ for getting to Prem?
  8. Whether Saf plays Ramadan or not he clearly is important with regard to doing anything this season.  IMO he should start and withdrawn if it becomes too much.  He has played through it before. Of more concern is that his contract expires June 2006.  I would think with current good feeling toward Saf the club ought to be looking for a contract extension certainly before Jan. 
  9. Hendo does his talking on the pitch and proves how inept he is without you stating the obvious. But because he is a young England player he is expected to be an ace performer, Jarvis also falls into this category. But in Hendo''s defence he has never been played as a striker purportedly his best position, he certainly ain''t no right winger.  
  10. There are a number of thin skinned posters on here, if you can''t take the a bit of good natured (sometimes) criticism don''t post, its simple really.  Although for debate this board should be fun and some peoples fun is to jibe and see if they take the bait.  Unfortunately most do, please do not make adverse comments to this post, otherwise I''ll cry. 
  11. Green v Shackell reported on website as reason for Shackell being relegated to Reserves where he didnt play.
  12. Would Jol put Greeno on the bench for Robbo or bring in a crock?  
  13. An haven for those with appalling speelling and granmar.
  14. Methinks with all these rumours, no smoke without fire between our players, leads me to the question of whether team spirit is all it could be. McKenzie v Francis Green v Shackell Worthy v Bentley, McVeigh, Mulryne etc. and countless others still to run. Seems to be too many falling outs for the good of the teams collective good. Perhaps Worthy could sort this out, or perhaps he is not the best person as forgive and forget not a short term Worthy trait.  
  15. Jarvis is a lightweight will not get a contract extension at the end of this year, natural goalscorer presumably just for goal against Liverpol or toe poke against Watford, I''ve seen nothing to suggest he will ever make it, needs to build up his stature, doubt he will be given the time. Lisbie well looks better than Hendo, not saying much.
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