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  1. Bruce I''ve had enough of your posts, they are always so depressing to read. You pop up now and then hoping people will forget who you are.Anyone who reads your previous posts will see it is clear you are a binner, man haven''t you got anything better to do? Anyway I wish Ipswich the best of luck in their fight against relegation, and thank you for the sweetest six points we could wish for this season. Pride of East Anglia, and laughing all the way
  2. SO now we have replaced Eddy and Helveg with Louis-Jean and Colin. But who out of the new two will be first choice and which will be cover?    
  3. From official site http://www.canaries.premiumtv.co.uk/page/News/FirstNewsDetail/0,,10355~688748,00.html I must be honest with you, I am excited but at the same time, worried. How good is this guy? Small transfer fee? peanuts to someone like psv. please to see another one on board though it''s about time. And like all signings that pull on the shirt, support them 100%.  
  4. From the official site: http://www.canaries.premiumtv.co.uk/page/News/FirstNewsDetail/0,,10355~686074,00.html Maybe we do have someone looking around on these board?? Spooky eh??    
  5. I didn''t see the Dereham game last night, how did he play? Supposed to be a real one to watch for the future. Heard he plays CB is that correct? Do you think there is any chance he could play for us this season in the fizzy? Like it was mentioned earlier on another post, we have to start giving the youngsters their opportunities to prove themselves too.  
  6. Sandy Kennon, a very good keeper. Good family friend, shares a house with my grand parents in Spain, anyone heard of John Greatrex? Old Norwich reserve keeper late 60''s, he''s my grand father. Saved a pen. against the legend Sir Bobby Charlton. Could also say Chris Woods was pure quality
  7. I think that is wrong, if you took that from the sky site then it is. On the sky site there is one game missing from the fixture list, Ipswich away, which is due to be played on Sep 17 on sky. According to this sites main page ippo is the only game live on sky so far, not plymouth as they are literally a week apart so it must be a mistake.
  8. Healy and Hulse the best partnership....................Ha you''re a funny guy. I like jokes and this one is hilarious. Leeds will finish 8th just narrowly missing the play-offs, with no players reaching the top scorers charts. IMO too many championship players in their squad, they have no cutting edge. Ashton and McKenzie best partnership and both will reacdh the scoring charts. This isn''t a bias opinion, it is an obvious prediction of what is to come, as these two oozed class together. Healy was awful when on loan with us, and Hulse was on our B-list (behind Ashton), and couldn''t even get into WBA team. I am looking forward to what developes in the mould of goals, reckon 80ish in league. Cups are bonuses, but we all know what our cup runs are like.
  9. Guys IMHO this guy will flop like a super-sized trout ( or frog). Eddy was on level par with Kenton for going forward. Campbell, like wiz said u r entitled to ur opinion but Eddy will always be better than this guy. No other club wanted this guy just us. I think you will find that with the white rabbits of Deano and hux, most recently Jarrett that NW pulls from his low-budget hat, you will still get a few ugly ducklings, I feel it is the way our manager works. I sssssoooooo badly want to be proved wrong but our right back position was better last season. And who would''ve preferred us to be trying everything within our reasonable power to get taylor? louis-jean linked with us and thats it. Taylor has 8+ years on him and has been linked with prem clubs (inc Everton). Would like to see NW make it up to us and sign Sodje, watched him play Southampton last season in cup and is 21 could hold his own in prem. imagine: Green, Drury, Shackell, Sodje, Helveg(cap), Huckerby, Safri, Francis/Jarrett, Jonson or new, McKenzie and Ashton. We''d be laughin, all the way back to the top-flite.  
  10. Nosworthy would have been a great signing but he''s a Sunderland player now. I think: RB: Helveg to stay, possibly Ryan Taylor, would not be surprised to see this happen. RM: Commons signing, I think is as likely as it is unlikely so 50-50. Jonson is ok here too. CM: think if Damo stays there is enough here maybe Lunt but I think less likely than Commons or Taylor ST: dunno but will be probably be up and coming (unproven) or not at all.  thoughts??  
  11. I think after seeing worthy dismiss reports for Jarrett and Halls, I''m curious what players he is looking to sign. 1) Who is good enough quality-wise, to take us to the prem and still be good enough to play in it. 2) Who is young enough to help us build for the future and at the same time good enough to play for us. 3) And the biggest problem yet, who is within our price range. I think that this season will mainly be based on the structure of the team that is already in place. Can we attract A-list players, I think there are too many financial restraints with our team at present to even consider bringing in the kind of players we need for seasons to come. Also our league status comes into play, anyone who fits the bill for the 3 requirements will more than likely go to a prem club, (even newly promoted). I think we will have to do what West Brom have done, look to the summer next year if we get promoted so that we can attract the kind of players that fit the bill, not the B-list that can perform this season and not in the prem. Thoughts??  
  12. Sorry Rob but you are talking about a swap?? your crazy greeno is 100 percent Norwich whereas Bentley is not. Green is one of the few players to come out and actually tell the fans that he doesn''t want to leave, Bentley IMO showed zero commitment to the club last season and was there purely to better himself, he is a waste of a space in a starting 11. What makes you think he would even want to come here, he is a legend in his own mind, would end up being a replica of Francis I''m afraid (not commited to our club). Is he even worth the same amount as Greeno?? I laugh off the concept and pray it never happens
  13. We won''t know until he signs, thats if he does! From what I gather, based on what people say he is quite highly rated. Wigan obviously offered him a new contract, but if the deal isn''t that great which it isn''t, it appears that they don''t seem too worried about losing him. It depends on whether he comes and whether he lives up to expectations. We''ve now been linked to John Halls on a few seperate occasions good signing?  
  14. Dicky, he is a quality player, and yes he along with a certain Mr. Crouch gave us that extra edge that surely if we had not of had we would still be in the champ for the 11th season running. Hucks is one of my favourite players but you cannot afford a luxury player like him in the prem. Look at Laurent Robert of Newcastle he is a class act but is his heart is in it? NO and now hes being sold off.  I can count on one hand the amount of times hucks skinned people last season because after a few atempts if he didn''t go past them he''d start playing few yard passes and look completely disinterested. Dont get me wrong he''s my fav player behind McKenzie, and in the champ he has the time and space to walk the ball into the net as we saw against Wigan and Cardiff. Heading is another thing I can count on one hand, he doesn''t do it, whether its because it messes his hair up, or he has a delicate scalp I dont know, any time he did do it the crowd cheered, what does that tell you. Unless the ball is played directly to feet he doesn''t want to fetch he wont run for it. When he played the last few games of the season he incorporated a bit more of a defensive side to his game and it was bloody noticeable, drury wasn''t having to think oh no here we go again. I think Man City were clever, we should do the same, get promoted then sell. Im sorry if you disagree but a footballer to be good, has to be of a decent standard in all areas of his game and Hucks shows loyalty to NCFC but can you honestly say he emulates Leon''s never say die attitude?
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